Your Homicidols Weekender #315

While the front page has been a little quiet lately, we have been busy behind the scenes. It’s December, which means, by the Homicidols calendar, it’s our Best of the Year awards season. Per tradition, our “Year” goes from December to November, which means that the window for eligibility just closed this past Wednesday. A lot of acts rushed out some last minute entries, so if was a packed week for new material.

Before we get to all of that, the  big news of the week was the announcement we all knew was coming but were silently dreading:  Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. will go on “indefinite hiatus” following their upcoming show at the Budokan in March.

Here’s a bunch of new stuff to distract us from the news of next year’s front runner for Saddest Disbandment:

KING∞RAGE is back with a vengeance.

It’s always nice to hear from our prodigal friend, Shiina Pikarin.

SHINGEKI never left.

KAQRITYOTERROR slipped in a last-minute single for consideration.

You know who else is good? Circle Crusher.

B.O.L.T is here with some happy pop punk.

No pop and all punk, Tokyo Psychopath give us a first glimpse of their live show.

It turns out that CHOKA of Innes is Japanese-American and just started an English-language Twitter account.

We got a new PV from PassCode.

Rinhamu has a new one from Giga and TeddyLoid.

Debut of the Year contenders THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND drop a new single featuring lyrics by Michelle herself.

Rivals OMNI666 make their final pitch for a Debut of the Year nod.

It’s our fist look at the new RILISREVERSE system live.

Yubiningyou are from a different place and time.

SARI, our eternal queen, has a new song out.

I keep waiting for twinpale to knock my socks off.

Ringwanderung, one of the classiest acts in chika idol, dropped three lyric MVs this week. Here’s one.

since we do out Best Of years from December – November, December 1st gave us our first potential contender for Best New Unit of ‘23. Meet anew :

Oshiloss Corner

In truly tragic news, Nanadai Tataru of EVE has passed away.

In other very serious news, Nekota Yuru (formerly known as Mikoto of RILISREVERSE, Me of HAMIDASYSTEM, and Popo Popo Po Popo Jr. of MIGMA SHELTER)  has announced her retirement as she is suffering from depression and PTSD. 

Oshifound Corner

Soze returned to the stage with MELON BATAKE A GO GO following recent surgery for her leg injury.

Nana Kugami , formerly Nana Kamino of NECRONOMIDOL , has been announced as a member of AKATSUKI NO ARIA .

Have a Good Weekend!