Your Homicidols Weekender #310

I apologize for the low energy this week, but I have an excuse. I’m sick. I’ve been home recovering from the (non-COVID) bug I picked up during my recent travels, but living vicariously through all of those out there on the road seeing out favorite idols up close. It looks like people had a great time with Isiliel up at IDOLFEST. And congrats to everyone who could make it to Atlanta on short notice and hang out with BPM15Q this weekend.

In other news, the PLANCK STARS controversial competition where the member with the highest sales got a bike and the lowest had to debut in AV has concluded. Now that the internet has moralized, pontificated and collectively gotten their self-righteous knickers in a twist about it, the results have been announced. The member who sold zero tickets and will make their AV debut is… Puri-chan, the shiba inu (Zarunrun, the monkey, also had zero sales so they went by seniority). I hope the puritan hipsters had fun freaking out on Twitter about a unit that’s notorious for outrageous pranks. Idol is serious business.

The MV for the new single from swancry was directed by Michi Shito making it a mini-Tsurezure reunion and a collaboration between our two favorite artists on the planet.

Another stellar solo project, marble≠marble released this low-fi PV.

It is almost Best of ’22 season, and Team thinks kinopo. may need their own MV category this year. It’s not really fair to put everyone else up against their videos.

Usually, when a psychopath says the want to be with you, my advice is, RUN!! With TOKYO PSYCHOPATH, it might be worth sticking around.

ATARASHII GAKKO! is inexplicably passing up the perfect opportunity to collaborate with 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san .

BiSH is (still not) over.

The highly anticipated new Satanic Punish mini album is out. Physical copies are sold out, but it is available on Soundcloud.

The venerable DAIDAIDAI is one of the greatest units in the history of chika idol. Proof:

Misolade Edison. Funky Funky

munen give us this sweet little hyper-Jpop tune.

INUWASI blessed us with a couple of PVs this week including this one.

CYCLONISTA, who has put out some of my favorite songs this year, release another three tunes.

LYSM dropped a MV to support their new mini album.

Over on the Homicdiols’ Discord server , Carrythezero tracked down two more new units to add to the already bursting class of ’22:

Sendai-based idolcore unit, Able-Gleam .

And the Kansai-based rockers, CALETWOLF .

Solaris in the Rain dropped a digital single in the lead up to their first full album release later this month.

Zsasz still hasn’t run out of new PVs to send us.

We watched them grow up. Now Task have Fun release their first album as adults.

Chill out with a 30 minute performance by CROSSNOESIS.

Oshiloss Corner

The news on Soze Nakamura’s recent knee injury is not good. She will be sitting out of activities while undergoing surgery and recovery. While she recuperates, the unit will perform as MELON BATAKE A GO GO, RED formation consisting of Run, Yuffie, Chiyo, Kotomi and Usako.

Yashio Fuuka will be tapping out. She graduates from Craveit this weekend.

Oshifound Corner

The new Shihatsu-machi Underground has been unveiled! If it looks a lot like the old SMU, that’s because it is the same trio plus one new member, Midare Mona.

The KING∞RAGE reboot has officially happened.

Have a Good Weekend!!