Your Homicidols Weekender #308

Welcome to the weekend! I’m actually writing this week’s blurb on Thursday night since I’m traveling tomorrow (Friday) so I can spend the next few days following BAND-MAID around on the Southwestern leg of their US tour. The States have been quite blessed lately with an influx of Japanese artists dropping by for the first time in quite a while. First it was MELON BATAKE A GO GO back in September. Next we get SENANAN, Miyako and Rinchama in Texas plus Isiliel along the West coast in November, Hanako-san in LA in December, Planck Stars is coming in early 2023 and now, Broken By the Scream has announced they will be returning to our shores in February:

Before we all run out and get a second job so we can afford all this travel, let’s look back on what happened this past week:

DIABLEVOIX brought all the gothic.

SARI, our eternal queen, has blessed us with a new song.

Being trapped in a dystopian wasteland isn’t such a bad thing as long as NEO JAPONISM is there.

I guess there was little gothic left over for Mecuro.

Ringwanderung is one of the best things on the planet.

Meet Kuroi Shoujyo, the 237th promising new unit to debut in 2022.

ExWHYZ is living their best life post-AVEX.

Our favorite Britpop idols, The Candace, dropped anew single.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, ckiemnstr345 wanted to make sure we didn’t miss the new Halloween MV from  Niji no Conquistador.

Also over on the server, Zeinsa (who always digs up the best stuff) introduced us to another member of the class of 2022: AiDER.

Here’s another new unit that just made their debut last week: Tokyo Moso Map. This song is all about the bridges over Sumida river.

Everyone is after AIBECK.

SANDAL TELEPHONE is about as close as we skate to trad around here.

Meanwhile in k-idol, LuciDreaM have followed up the release of their new EP with the full performance from their recent showcase live where they performed their new songs alongside a few choice covers with the help of a full live band!

Oshiloss Corner

WACK is ending it’s training unit, WAgg. They will move to a new training system of trial by combat.

Oshifound Corner


Yuria Naruse (formerly of Dan te Lion and KANARIA) has joined a new unit featuring actors and a couple of members of NAP called, NOW DRAMATiC.

ano (former You’ll Melt More) released the next in her quest to become the queen of all media.