Your Homicidols Weekender #307

Cal here doing the blurb. I had my first gauntlet of university classes this week, so I’ve been adjusting to “not spending all of my time consuming idol content constantly” and instead, “being a productive human being.” I actually had a parody of idol graduations planned for an article, starting with a notice about Homicidols member activity and having me apologize for drunkenly tweeting at 3am. But instead of graduating, it’s enrollment! I put Homicidols on my university application and now, I go to a very, very good school for Japanese studies. One of the best in the world. I really wouldn’t be here without constant support and feedback from all of you so… thank you. Idols are my passion, so it really isn’t an exaggeration to say i’m at school because of Homicidols.

I really won’t ever graduate from Homicidols too, even if I get busy. In fact, I want to use learning Japanese to be able to take things to a new level here. In two years when i’m in Japan for my international year, i’ll try and interview idols and producers as much as I can. 約束します!

But what happened with those beloved idols this week? Well:

ExWHYZ released a music video for “Obession” and we’re quite obsessed with it.

They also revealed a crowdfunding project to create a music video for one of their upcoming album’s songs because they already spent the entire promo budget, but all really want that song to have a music video.

Zsasz dropped a live music video for “Zettai Ongaku de Odore“, one of their Utsu-P Vocaloid covers!

New Tokyo Tefutefu album!

They year of surprising solo releases continues with Shizuku Kotoyama of RAY giving us this adorable MV.

Speaking of solo projects, Heroine is Me xxx dropped a sultry new MV.

Also, Hana released her first MV!

Previous Homicidols interviewees LuciDreaM have released their second EP and if you’re looking for some high-energy Korean idol rock then they definitely have you covered.

The neo-nerds of NELN drop the best work of their new system. 

Male alt idol group ANTIGRAM. dropped a new single!

PIGGS released the b-side to their upcoming single! Get into “Maji Muri Game“!

Dream pop meets math rock in this new one from RYUTist.

LEIWAN dropped new single “Abra Katabra“, definitely ta and not da.

Dare mo Shiranai uploaded their full 1st anniversary tour final with a backing band.

New Usakura Beni!

I always love hearing some Poetreep.

Carrythezero over on the Homicidols’ Discord server introduced us to Stella in the end. It’s good stuff.

D4rkWzd also introduced us to new unit WEVGRAVITY.

Re:INCARNATION is one of those units we don’t talk about enough.

One of the best-named units in the business, I to U $CREAMing‼︎

Oshiloss Corner

Anchirocihii (consisting of the final line-up of Gu-Gu LULU) have disbanded.

Following the final live, Anna Seto (ex. Anchirochii, Gu-Gu LULU and Guso Drop) announced her retirement.

Setsuko Yuuragi and Moenyan  are graduating from innes on October 16th.

Oshifound Corner

Montero (former Screaming 60s) gives us a peak at her upcoming band project.

Monokuro Television snuck off and disbanded in August, but four of the members have re-emerged in a new unit called CatchMe.

The reboot of KING∞RAGE has an official debut date.

Weekend Radio