Your Homicidols Weekender #306

It was a crazy week on my end, so it’s appropriate that we kick of The Weekender with Tokyo Psychopath. On the idol front, most of the big names in the genre were quiet this week, which was fine because a lot of the smaller groups pushed out great new work that got a chance to shine. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple releases from this week got mentions around Best of the Year time. Is it too early to be thinking about that stuff? Probably not because, Hoy Crap! it’s already October. That also means Idol Halloween is just around the corner. My favorite holiday!!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s how the past week went:

Tokyo Psychopath drops their shot at a signature tune. Nice job!

cinder-ella is criminally underrated. Lets change that.

I bet you thought it was pronounced, “I wanna live,” but it’s not. It’s pronounced, “I wanna live.”


nanoCUNE is back!

ZnC:WL, the new vocal project from team WonderLander, just dropped their first EP.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Zsasz.

SPECIAL CHEESE MENU delivers their 1st mini album.

They also unveiled a must-have band T.

DADADAMS have so much potential it’s ridiculous.

For their 1st anniversary, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL released three new songs.

NEO JAPONISM sure does put on a show.

Hikicomoteikoku created a mind-bending dub-step piece.


Hyper-pop Lily of the Valley have a subdued new tune.

We don’t hear from them often enough, so here’s fifteen minutes of quality time with misola de edison.

The year of the solo project continues with the latest release from Honoka Oyumi of Li-V-RAVE.

Devil ANTHEM. is live.

HARU NEMURI is not idol but we stan.

Oshiloss Corner

Iroha Shiratama of kinopo. has been placed on hiatus.

GENSOU BAD END has released their final songs.

Oshifound Corner

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, pm223 brought to our attention this cover by Pan Luna Leafy (formerly of HO6LA, CARRY LOOSE and BiS) and MEW (current Meme Tokyo and formerly of BiS).

Bury is being revived as a band project. They will debut the new formation in November.

Have a Good Weekend!