Your Homicidols Weekender #300 – SPECIAL ANNIVERSAY EDITION!!

Welcome to the 300th consecutive iteration of the world’s longest-running English language weekly serialized collection of alt, indie and underground idol content! 300 weekends is a long time. 5.679 years, to be precise. Can anyone remember what they were doing 5.679 years ago?

For me, everything before the year 2020 is a bit of a blur at this point so, just for fun, I went back to read the very first Weekender. It was posted in November of 2016 and  is full of talk of BABYMETAL and BiS and the debut album from BPM15Q. I then leapt forward in time to Weekender #100 which landed in October of 2018 and features the debut of Ayuni D’s PEDROWeekender #200 was posted in September of 2020 and reminded me that we haven’t heard from THIS IS NATS in quite some time.

Now here we are at #300 and it’s probably full of stuff that we’ll need to be reminded about in the not too distant future. This is why it’s nice that we have Weekenders: to catch us up on the stuff we have missed in the past week, and act as a bit of a time capsule when we forget about stuff later. What ever did happen to THIS IS NATS? I need to look into that…

Anyway, in celebration of our 300th Weekender, we have been working to spruce up the site a little bit:

  • You only have a couple days left to help us pick out the new Homicidols tagline.  We will be launching our new branding on Monday!
  • We have updated The Artists Page which now includes links to Homicidols’ coverage of over 350 idols and idol units.
  • We have also added a Best Of page to the site menu to provide easy links to our Best of the Year awards and other featured content.

But wait! There’s more!…   Just… not yet.

I was hoping to update the site FAQ as well but there are only so many hours in a week and that thing’s a freaking bear. We do have a new feature launching next week that will invite your participation, so I hope you all look forward to that decide to join in.

In the meantime, let’s do that thing that we’ve now done 299 times before. I give you,


One of the most highly anticipated new units of 2022, here’s the debut MV from ONE KILL.

There is no stopping situasion.

EMPiRE is dead. Long live ExWHYZ.

Can’t make it Saboten Con? Well, you can still get cheki from MELON BATAKE A GO GO’s US debut courtesy of our friends at Chaotic Harmony

To quote Chris: HUSH HUSH are the greatest thing to emerge from 2022 and may the people responsible never learn to mix songs “properly”.

It’s always an adventure with the girl mannequin.

Not content with just one Album of the Year contender with KAQRIYOTERRORnonamera has released a solo effort as well.

Speaking of nonamera, friend of Homicidols, Kyunchi has dropped the release date for their collaboration. We expect it to slay.

Kyunchi was also featured in Natalie! Worldwide girl indeed.

nonamera’s FRUN FRIN FRIENDS partner, Beni sings one of their tunes backed by The Broken TV.

My front runner for Best New Name of the Year: Antithese.

On the treat Super Season makes sure we know that they’re not just an awesome name.

Still on a “names” kick: here’s a group so nice they named it twice: REBEL REBEL.

It’s time again for WACK Men’s Auditions!! Who will survive this year, and will they actually ever form a WACK Men’s unit?

Our esteemed 26 year old baby writer Cal is covering everything with the GGWACK translation team.

NEO JAPONISM is everywhere this week, unveiling new costumes, dropping a greatest hits album and announcing  new album for early September. We don’t mind a bit.

POPPiNG EMO is having a fabulous year.

SPECIAL CHEESE MENU serves up even more fantastic fromage.

Uncovered by Ziensa over on the Homicidols Discord Server, here’s an infectious solo tune from Memyme of GoodDay.

Also from The Server, D4rkWzd made sure we didn’t overlook “Purple Bear”, a solo song from Mai Yuuki of THE ORCHSTRA TOKYO.

From THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO to ASP pretending their acronym stands for ACOUSTiC SAD ORCHESTRA. They’re not fooling anybody.

PRSMIN has a new single out on streaming and a new PV.

And it turns out THIS IS NATS is still around and still producing unhinged hyperpop idol weirdness that you will either love or hate. Thank or curse me in advance.

Oshiloss Corner

Dan te Lion held their last live. I’m still not sure what will become of Prince Yuria.

Gekizyou Refrain dropped a new EP and an announcement that they are disbanding in November.

GENSOU BAD END, who just launched last year, are now on indefinite hiatus.

Ano (former You’ll Melt More) has released an EP with her band I’s.

The debut EP from swancry, the project by the artist formerly known as Shidare ( ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure), is now available for pre-order.

Weekend Radio

For the 300th time: Have a good weekend!!