Your Homicidols Weekender #298

In the latest news from Tokyo Idol Festival weekend, both BiSH and the unit formerly know as EMPiRE have withdrawn from the event due to COVID diagnoses. Not that it impacts us too much since overseas otaku got region-blocked from the whole festival. But who needs TIF anyway, right? There are a ton of stellar units out there having an amazing 2022 who didn’t get invited to TIF either, like:

MAD JAMIE, who continue their streak of stellar singles.

Yurapico, who is Yurapico and there is nothing better than Yurapico.

NELN, who are in their third of five consecutive months of new music releases.

Buddha TOKYO whose new EP has both old and new tracks, all of them exceptional.–RFaak-ZXXxCEg

This new unit called Rabbit Punch that Chris found and everyone needs to know about.

US alt-idol melancholiaah! who released this sweet new tune that’s a collaboration with Yusuke Hata of shoegaze standout, Cruyff in The Bedroom.

I’m not sure why we even care that we couldn’t get tickets to a festival that rejected PLANCK STARS.

But we do also want to recognize those units who worked hard and DID score an invite to the biggest idol festival on the planet. After all, performing at Tokyo Idol Festival is a bucket-list level accomplishment for most idols, so congratulations to the units who achieved their dream of a TIF debut:

situasion who gave us even more evidence that they are one of the best things going in the genre.

POPPiNG EMO dropped a single just in time for their TIF debut.

Their name may be undecided, but Title Mitei’s talent is an absolute certainty so it’s no wonder that they got a TIF nod.

Returning TIF veterans BLACKNAZARENE dropped a new single in time for the festival.

B.O.L.T dropped a new single for TIF as well.

D4rkWzd over on the Homidicols’ Discord server turned us on to the
new MV by Paradox Risk (formerly known as POISONRAT). It’s good stuff.

Wonder Lander’s new EP is now available on all streaming services.

9DayzGitchClubTokyo is always good.

Ska Idol Project’s Nousatsu❤︎After Beat drops their latest skanking single.

Special Cheese Menu makes the case for stricter regulations on green screen technology.

Kaepyon has has released her first album, appropriately entitled, Kaepyonism.

Dinosaur, one of our favorite new discoveries, has a new member, a new single and a new MV!

CYCLONISTA asks, “What’s wrong with being afraid of tomorrow?”

Emo idols FaM leave with some feel-good pop punk.

Oshiloss Corner

In truly unfortunate news, Hizumi Iris Hijiri of WONDER SNAKE has passed away.

Oshifound Corner

Kai (former Screaming 60s) joined a band.

Gekijouban Kokiken Teikoku (formerly known as Gokigen Teikoku and commonly known as Goketi) are reforming with a bunch of  former members including Kunogi (also a former member of POMÜM, Chouzetsu Venom-chan and NECRONOMIDOL) and the surprise addition of Younapi (ex. You’ll Melt More)

Weekend Radio

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #298

  1. I love all the lineups of Kaqriyoterror, however Nonamera must have one of the most distinctive and wonderful voices in idol. You just know when it is her singing. Cultural Mixing was a real classic and i love the new album so much.

    • Personally, I am always going to miss Yamakomaro. Her voice was just as distinctive but on the other end of the range. And with Kotetsu in the middle, they were pretty much a perfectly contrasted trio. Cultural Mixing will always be a classic.

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