Your Homicidols Weekender #296

I am totally jealous of those of you in Europe at the moment. NECRONOMIDOL is working their way across The Continent while being joined by 2& and GARUDA in London for HYPER JAPAN.

Over here on this side of the pond,  things are much more dull unless you happen to be at San Diego Comic Con.

Over here at Casa de Daemon, I feel like I have to apologize a bit. I’ve gotten a new work job in RealWorld™ and it’s been taking time away from my true vocation as an amateur idol blogger. I wanted to do a whole post on MELON BAT and the new SIPP EP earlier this week but it’s all ended up here in the Weekender. I’ve also been slacking on The Calendar, so my apologies for letting that slip. Stupid work job. But, back to the good stuff that really matters:

GARUDA dropped this MV just in time for her appearance at HYPER Japan.

GARUDA’s other gig, MELON BATAKE A GO GO is preparing for their US debut at Saboten Con in just over a month.

SIPP have released the best-named EP of the year.

In this episode of Idols Abroad, Chihiro forgets her passport and throws FiDZ and K@hoRu@‘s trip to Sweden into chaos.

situasion dropped a PV of their strangely upbeat, latin-flavored, “Six Seasons Meeting”.

Indie-PIGGS won their battle with Mainstream-Producer-PIGGS, so their major label work will continue to be produced by Ryan B.

BiSH have picked this week to release a bunch of dance MV. Why? Dunno.

Broke By the Scream’s highly anticipated new album is out.

Beni released this MV to  celebrate her 8 year anniversary

nanoCUNE is officially back!

Here’s a high energy PV from Kaiju By Me.

B.O.L.T dropped a new single one week out from their first EP release.

ATARASHII GAKKO! have announced a couple of dates in California in the lead up to this year’s appearance at Head in the Clouds.

May of  Wonder Lander has a new solo EP.

PAPIPUPEPO wa Muzukashii, our favorite idol unit with a giraffe member, gets pretty hyper in this one.

Oshiloss Corner

By the time you read this, RAY will officially be on hiatus.

Kai Marino, now formerly of RAY, contributed vocals to this track by The Otals.

We are less than a month left before the end of Dan te Lion.

Original NEKIRU member Nyaryu took the stage one last time for a graduation live that sent her off in style. And thanks to the efforts of local fans you can check out videos of both edited highlights featuring all their original songs and the full event itself.

In other Korean idol news, Proxima Club member Tsu will also be saying her farewells soon with her graduation live scheduled for the end of the month.

In a moment of true Oshiloss, SUZUKA lost her scarf at last night’s ATARASHII GAKKO! show.

Have a Good Weekend!!