Your Homicidols Weekender #295

To balance out the bad news down in Oshiloss Corner, I had written a whole intro blurb about the awesome news that the Tokyo Idol Festival 2022 lineup had been announced and how epic it was all going to be. Then I discovered that, for some reason, TIF has region-blocked livestream ticket sales on their website this year. We will keep looking into the matter, but it currently looks like overseas otaku might not have to opportunity to participate in this year’s TIF. 

Basically, my good news turned into crap and now I’m just kinda cranky and don’t feel like writing a new intro blurb, so let’s listen to the new one by situasion which may now be my front runner for Song of the Year.

2& has a new single out. That is good news!

D̴E̷A̷T̴H̴N̷Y̵A̶N̴N̷, solo project of Minami from WAGAMAMA RAKIA, dropped this epic piece of work.

Zenkimi’s new single is out. Where is the MV?

As featured in our latest roundup of significant new idol units, here’s a PV from NiL’s debut live.

Speaking of new groups, perhaps the best-named idol unit in the class of ’22, Antithese, dropped their debut EP.

may in film just released a PV from their 1st anniversary live. It seems that I missed that they just dropped a single and EP as well. I’m a not a good idol blogger…

RAY released their happiest song ever on streaming services. The MV has been up on YouTube for a while.

Rilisreverse also released an EP to celebrate their second anniversary, which a certain Homicidols author is not slacking on writing a full article about.

One of my other favorite names in idol: I to U $CREAMing!!

Here’s The Orchestra Tokyo with a late entry for a Song of the Summer nomination.

HUSH HUSH, one of the more exuberant new units of 2022, is also in a summer mood.

Last Question is looking for the answer to, “Can you ever have enough bubbles?”

GANG PARADE get all gooey sentimental.

Meanwhile, WACK underclassmen MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN released a new single.

You have to love veteran indie unit Tokumei Mirage. Not only are they fully self-produced, but their motto is, “Let’s do our best to be stupid.” I’m all in.

UNDERBEASTY released a pair of songs to celebrate their 8th anniversary.

Oshiloss Corner

HO6LA is dis8anding, c1t1ng cre8tive di5rences.

While we knew not everyone would return to RAY after their upcoming hiatus, we got official word that Kai Marino and Tsukihi will be departing.

Chantmokee is leaving BiS.

Beni Usakara will be leaving APOKALIPPPS in October. Luckily she still has her solo work and about a dozen other projects she’s active in so we will certainly see her around.

lyrical school give us what is potentially their last MV.

ano (former You’ll Melt More ) is everywhere these days, like in this collab with AAAMYYY , but I feel like she was ours first. 

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Have a Good Weekend!

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    • That one snuck up on me and, yes, forgot to include it. My bad!

      At least we still have Bellring Girls Heart ’22, for a short time at least. Then, I assume, another AqbiRec unit will be anointed with the crow’s wings.

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