Your Homicidols Weekender #294

We are one week deep into the new idol fiscal year and, compared to last week, things were pretty sedate. After surviving the near-simultaneous break-ups of Yanakoto Sotto Mute, LiLii Kaona and SAKA-SAMA, we could use the rest. Other than the website blowing up on Tuesday morning, it was a pretty laid back week. This gave us plenty of time to appreciate and enjoy the great new stuff that did drop.

Let’s start overseas with a reminder from AKIRA-KURØ that Thai idols rock hard as well.

There are few other units whose work is as highly anticipated as Ilie, the collaboration bwtween Rie Kaneko and Kenta Sakurai (best known as the composer for Maison book girl). Here’s their new, long-awaited track.

Historically, we’ve been remiss in giving NightOwl proper recognition. That ends now.

Meet HINNEW ♡♡, an idol unit celebrating the cuteness of women with small breasts! At least one of the members will be familiar to readers of Homicidols: Shibakuzo Rei-chan aka Boss Rei formerly of BURST GIRL and current frontwoman of fancy animal punk band Knuckle Chiwawa

While we were confused for a bit, D4rkWzd over on the Homicidols Discord server sorted out that this is a NOT an actual new idol unit, but a one-off, crowd funded MV project put together by actress, idol, cosplayer and rice farmer, Lucino.

While we’re on the topic of body-positive idols, TORICAGO just uploaded three tracks to streaming services (two rerecorded classis and one new original). While they’ve been relatively quiet since transitioning down to three-members, these new tracks sound as great as ever.


Congrats to MELON BATAKE A GO GO whose new mini album cracked the top ten on the Oricon daily charts.

The only thing not to like about this new NELN MV is that it is far too short.

It’s a bit confusing, but Zsasz dropped a new EP but released it on streaming sites as three singles. Either way, one or more of these releases are likely to make my Best of the Year nods.

Anyone want to watch ATARASHII GAKKO! perform with Wednesday Campanella?

New AKIARIM. I’m enjoying this a lot.

Remember when the site got taken down early this week? That was an awful morning. The new one from Re:INCARNATION helped brighten up that day for me.

ElectricRibbon gives us an upbeat piece of dreampop.

Thanks to BILGERVTI on the Homicidols Discord server for bringing this one to our attention: PRSMIN has released an album of rerecorded tunes.

I like hearing  from PLEVAIL. FYI: Their new album is coming out on July 20th.

Jiemei, our favorite new unit from Nagoya (and sister-unit to DARE MO SHIRANAI) have released their first two singles on streaming services.

Here’s a double live shot from POPPiNG EMO.

Oshiloss Corner

Kai Marino has rejoined RAY, at least until the whole unit goes on hiatus on July 23rd.

Over in South Korea, SONOKI, the longest running live idol unit next to NEKIRU, gave a whole two hours notice before their last live and breakup

Ikura, formerly of Q’ulle, has gotten married.

Grab a tissue. Here’s Mayumura’s collaboration with LiLii Kaona at LiLikao’s last live.

Have a Good Weekend!!