Your Homicidols Weekender #293

I’m pretty sure that the Idol Fiscal Year starts on July 1st. Otherwise, it’s difficult to explain why every idol and their sister unit dropped a new release in the final days of June. I mean, new music is typically released on Tuesdays except for this week when on Wednesday and Thursday (June 29th and 30th) just about everybody rushed a new single or EP out the door. I can only assume that it must be for accounting purposes.

Whatever the reason, this Weekender is packed. Along with all the great new stuff, the transition from June to July has unfortunately brought us some pretty gut wrenching departures as well.

TRIGGER WARNING: this week’s Oshiloss Corner can fill a bathtub with wota tears.

It’s times like these that make me eternally grateful for Team and the crew over on the Homicidols Discord server.  It takes a village to keep up with everything happening in idol.

Broken By The Scream gives us a rare MV to tease their upcoming album being released on July 20th.

If you’ve got some remaining face to be melted off, the new EP from WAGAMAMA RAKIA can take of that for you.

If you’re like me, then your Twitter feed was turned NSFW this week as our favorite unit from Hiroshima, PLANCK STARS, plastered the internet with swim suit pics. They’ve immortalized the week in this MV.

Meanwhile our second favorite unit from Hiroshima, MELTY GHOST CLUB,  released a new single.

Garage punk BiS is one our favorite kinds.

Tokyo Psychopath continue their quest to inject as much insanity into idol as possible, and look good doing it.

Out of all the new music that dropped this week, the new EP from -odoro- got the most replays from me.  Spread it all over the world!

SIPP takes the punk party into disco territory.

New Zsasz. It’s zsasztastic! (I didn’t have to do that , but I did it anyway.)

Do I HAVE to call them METAMUSE? The idol-unit-formerly-know-as ZOC gave us two new MVs this week. I’m a sucker for emo ballads so I’m going with this one.

For those with an emo bias like me, On the Treat Super Season make a direct appeal with their new single.

#2i2 get in on the emo ballad bandwagon

kinopo. are turning into one of our favorite things around here.

situasion, the most intriguing unit in idol, dropped a visual MV for their latest single.

INUWASI, who are finalists in a battle for a slot on the TIF Main Stage, joined the 6/30 single club .

More footage of the PassCode gig at the Budokan. This show was epic.

Yandoll decided against subtlety with their latest digital album title.

Live You’ll Melt More!? Of course you will!

ATARASHII GAKKO! will be at San Diego Comic Con!

With one of the best unit names in the business, Schrödinger’s Dog either did or did not release a new MV.

Qppo released the 4th in their series of re-recorded EPs.

We were talking about shoegaze idols on the Homicidols Discord server a few days ago and I forgot to mention solo project Cototoi. Luckily she dropped a new song to remind us.

Monokuro Television is a lot of fun.

Batten Girls hooked up with Sony for an ultra-high fidelity audio experience.

Japanese Chika Idol is a genre spreading around the world. We’ve covered units from all over including Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy and now (courtesy of Magnet over on the Homicidols Discord server) meet NEONism from Australia.

Oshiloss Corner

LiLii Kaona was too good for this world.

The perfect modern idols, Yanakoto Sotto Mute, are silent for now.

The current iteration of SAKA-SAMA has come to an end.

I was hoping it was all an elaborate prank right up until the very end, but then it really happened: Richan graduated from PLANCK STARS.

Meme Hoshino has graduated from XOXO EXTREME.

Suwaru is graduating from FiDZ.

BiSH is disbanding too but not for a few months. Here’s their latest maudlin tune.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!

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