Your Homicidols Weekender #292

I rarely get personal here, primarily because I figure folks visit because they’re interested in idols and artistry and music and not the intimate travails of Daemon: idol blogger. And don’t worry, because I’m not going to get personal now except to say that, yesterday, I had a really bad day. I only bring it up because the things that most helped me get through it were: 1. Ditching work for the afternoon; 2. A chat/venting session with Papermaiden; and 3. This infectious new single by fishbowl.

Idol heals. Let’s begin the treatment:

Meet brand new chika idol supergroup GILTY x GILTY. The unit is made up of twinpale, members of Non¬Fiction and iLiFE!, plus Hakuu Coai (aka the idol formerly known as Togaren of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.).

Shiina Hikari released this creepy epic for us.

After that journey into darkness (or anytime at all) there is nothing better than Nani’n’Nerun?

Ziensa over on the Homicidols Discord server brought ano’s new collaboration with AAAMYYY to our attention. 

twinpale makes a second appearance in the weekender, this time as themselves.

After several quiet months, PLEVAIL have released their second MV in two weeks and we can get behind this trend.

meme tokyo has a new single and accompanying MV.

A lyric video from RAY while we try to forget about their impending hiatus.

Speaking of, if you’re not doing anything later, you can catch a Twitcast livestream of three of the best units in the game right now: RAY, situasion and kinopo.

Izukoneko released her first song after a hiatus of seven years.

NEKIRU end their recent series of live MV releases on a high with a full release of their second one-man live.

And if you think you recognise some of those covers but can’t put your finger on it, our Korean Correspondent (a title we just made up on the spot) FFS put everything into a handy playlist!

Also helping me through my bad day was this cover by zizi. Bonus: the MV comes complete with English subtitles.

BUPPPLE is looking for new members. Give their choreography a try and see if this is the unit for you!

Here’s another dance MV, this time from potential Debut of the Year, JILLASTED .

A PV from the venerable Devil ANTHEM.

Kanaku Logic gets in on the retro swing trend.

Oshiloss Corner

LiLii Kaona are too good for this world. They disband in one week, so this may be the last video we get from them.

Momoshikiya Furukinokibano Shinobunimo Naoamariaru Mukashinarikeri of PLANCK STARS will be suspending activities through mid-September due to an leg injury.

Former Shion of Guso Drop has started a YouTube channel and blog.

Three other former members of Guso Drop got together for a mini-reunion: Yurapico (current APOKALIPPPS and ex. BURST GIRL), Saki (2&) and Anna (also ex. Gu-Gu LULU).

ZOMBIE POWDER has rebooted as Human Spiral with ex. ZOMPOW Kaho Hinata and three new members.   , Rua Amane and two new members. 

Rin Karasumaru, formerly of YUP YUP, has started a solo project called MR and it sounds fabulous.

Weekend Radio


Have a Good Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #292

  1. Hey there. Thanks for another excellent post. You definitely don’t need to apologise for having a bad day. It is so much healthier to say these things than to hide it away. Yes music is the great healer and has saved my life over the years. Laterly it is idol that has kept me sane. Too many to mention but Babymetal’s first album did save my life and introduced me to Japanese music. I will keep this really short so as not to bore anyone with my life story, but I would never have gone to Japan if it wasn’t for them ; so I wouldn’t have gone to Tower Records (Shibuya) back in 2017. I spent 2.5 days in there listening to stuff and filling my suitcase with Cds.
    It was there when I heard my first non Babymetal idol track which was the Yukueshirezutsurezure. Miss Sins single. The first 2 tracks were great but it was track 3 (Shunkashuutou) that completely blew me away. Being a 53 year old white guy made me stand out enough in the store anyway , but I uncontrollably shouted out “OMFG” more loudly than I wanted as I forgot I had headphones on. At the time I had no idea who the band was or anything as I am ashamed not to know Japanese so couldn’t read the cover, but I had never heard anything like it. Then as if that wasn’t enough, the cd had a free gift which was a poster of Shidare 
    It was for me what I call a “John Peel moment” ie when as a spotty angst ridden schoolboy I used to listen to his radio shows as a youngster (he was on late on schoolnights so I listened at low audio level only audible to Bats under the bedcovers). This was where I would hear him play a life changing /life affirming tracks (I got into The Wedding Present, New Order, Curve, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine to name a few this way from John Peel and his radio shows. Then rushing to the record shop on Saturday to buy the record (on Vinyl in those days).
    Anyways that was what Shunkashuutou (Springsummerautumnwinter) did for me. Even more amazing was to find out that the Kanji used for “Tou” was not the one for “Winter” but the one for “Fight” which sent the track to an even higher level.
    This then started me on my journey to seek out other idol groups. Online (i have singlehandedly kept the Japanese economy afloat with the number of cds imported); 2 more trips to Japan and 2 ambitions ticked off – to see a live gig in Japan (Babymetal at Zepp Tokyo) and go to a festival (Rock in Japan and Sonic mania). Imagine how I felt when I discovered Yukueshirezutsurezure had a sister group Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da plus all the other cool groups on the Codomomental label. Their track “Afflicted Hallelujah” was also a life changer (in fact the whole of that album Yamikawa IMRAD). Too many more to mention here.
    So what this is trying to say is your Homicidols posts really are appreciated and you have introduced me to sooo much amazing stuff that I would never have known about otherwise. Recently this has been Stella Sugarlet – Wonderland which I can’t stop playing and is so infectious and it just makes me happy. Also Batten Girls – I am starting to fall in love. Plus Situasion and toooo many more to mention.
    So thank you and if you are having a bad day, remember how valuable your posts are and how much joy and happiness they provide. As Babymetal say “We are always on your side”. So please tell us and hopefully we can brighten your day a little
    Ps I was sooooo excited to hear in your post that Coai/Togaren is back. She is definitely an all time fav idol of mine (especially in Kiminoseida). Pediophobia were so promising and had some great tracks, so I was sad that didn’t last. Yakousei amuse were fine , but I am very pleased she is back with more edgy (and good judging by the vid you posted) stuff in GiltyXGilty

  2. Thanks for the kind words and your story. Tower Records, Shibuya is our Mecca!! I can’t wait until we can embark on another pilgrimage.

  3. Thank you. Itching to get back out there (I love the Hachiko Dog statue outside the store, cocking it’s ear like the HMV Dog (Nipper). Hope you are feeling happier now 🙂

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