Your Homicidols Weekender #291

Let’s talk numbers!

1 – WACK Train currently circling Tokyo on the Yamanote line.

3 – Number of units that Toda Roa has now graduated from.

10 – Year Anniversary celebrated by Especia last night with a reunion livestream.

14 – Days unit the dissolution of LiLii Kaona.

50 – Years since the release of David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars, one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

217 – Days until PLANCK STARS London gig.

245 – Days until PLANCK STARS plays Los Angeles.

300 – Number of Weekenders we’ll hit in nine short weeks. That’s a lot of Weekenders. Here’s this one:

XOXO EXTREME get a bit intense on this new one composed by NARASAKI.

Another glimpse of PassCode’s extraordinary night at the Budokan.

SAKA-SAMA’s new album is out. The cover art alone is enough to put it into contention for Album of the Year.

Here’s HO6LA’s entry for Song of the Summer along with their first full album.

This is pretty much the best I ever seen them so, basically, if you don’t like this PV you don’t like CYNHN.

Just in case you missed it, go check out our interview with NEKIRU, and then enjoy their latest PV.

Fellow k-idol Xii from X!DENT just treated us to a ferocious vocal cover of Bad Omens’ “Dethrone”. You’re welcome.

situasion just dropped the first single in their “Revolutionary Trilogy: Against Parmenides”.

RILISREVERSE also have a new tune out.

It is always nice hearing from PLEVAIL.

“KILL ME ROCK” is a new one dropped by circle crusher, one of the best-named units in the business. This one was brought to our attention by D4rkWzd over on the Homicidols Discord server.

Live punk idol piano ballad from Malcolm Mask McLaren.

ATARASHII GAKKO! will be featured on NHK World’s next edition of Songs of Tokyo along with NEMOPHILA.

PLANCK STARS did a shift at the Candye♡Syrup Cafe. I’m not sure if the place is still standing.

MANACLE dropped another couple of PVs this week. I like this trend.

FAREWELL, MY L.u.v announced the reboot of FAREWELL, MY D.u.b. Reggae idol? Yes, please!

Maho of caeca played the drums at her own birthday live.

Here’s a digest of the recent Wonder Lander livestream.

Hana’s got like a metric ton of energy.

RED-i have added three new members and will be launching their new six-member system on July 7th.

Oshiloss Corner

Todo Roa will be graduating from Woven’s.

Rirunede will be disbanding after their one-man live at Zepp Diver City at the end of September.

Chuyame (formerly Tsuyame of Yukueshirezutsurezure) will be graduating from her cat cafe.

In the positive news segment of Oshiloss Corner, there’s an upcoming livestream reunion of three former Guso Drop members: Anna Seto, Yurapico and  Saki.

Weekend Radio