Your Homicidols Weekender #29

Happy Saturday! Of course this rather loaded-feeling weeekend came along when I can’t do much about it, so do forgive the lightness of the updates.

But have some #IdolConspiracies fun, share music with friends and help me figure out this random guy’s Wi-Fi password.

The most important thing to know:

We’re down one Honey Emperor:

I was chatting with Andy on Facebook the other day, and he was implying that maybe I should hate him now. Why? Why:

Ayano, formerly of Bellring Girls Heart and now CLOCK & BOTAN in her solo career, has her single available for free download from OTOTOY.

Thanks as always, Dark Nest!

Every. Damn. Week.


Check out the latest from 2&:

Thanks, Lee!

Krv showed me this the other day; Maboroshi Karen GeNE’s Kanami in the latest episode of When Idols Go Kawaii:


What’s this, you ask? Just ex-PassCode and current PUZZLE idol Kurohara Yu-ri eating a popsicle really quickly:

A few innocent questions ultimately leads to:


Do you ever wonder what happens to these floral arrangements?

I mean this: Watch every second of this (live streamed!) video from Poppy:

Metal as fuck

Yanakoto Sotto Mute, who are perfect in every way, will be celebrating their first anniversary in style:

Another Tweet of the Week candidate:

This is a membership roster:

Have a stupid fun weekend, you guys!

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  1. You closed the weekender with Kobushi Factory? Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic, but are you OK?

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