Your Homicidols Weekender #289

It was a difficult week to be a chika idol fan with a day job that requires focus and detail orientation. Each day was packed full of distractions with idol news and excellent new releases dropping constantly. This resulted in an Oshiloss Corner that’s a bit more crowded than I like, but we at least got to be comforted by some heartfelt new releases that are going to feature heavily in playlist rotations between now and Best of the Year season.  There was actually so much great new stuff that it didn’t all make it into the Weekender as it was getting pretty long.  You can drop by the Homicidols Discord Server to see the stuff that we couldn’t squeeze in. For the rest:

Hey girls. situasion are the most captivating unit in idol right now.

Reading the room, GRATIA-ALA released a mellow and reflective MV as well.

QUEENS got the memo that this was a week for looking deep inside and dropped an introspective MV as well.

Let’s change gears with kinopo. who give us this manically upbeat and exquisitely animated MV. It’s an amazing piece of work. I’ve watched it a several times and still catch new details with each viewing.

IDOL NEVER DIES, the idol-zombie-apocalypse movie with an all-star chika idol cast,  has launched phase 2 of crowdfunding. They are looking for funds so they can subtitle the film in English and enter it in overseas film festivals. TAKE MY MONEY!!

Hachimitsu BLACK, our favorite apiarist idols, get a little weird in this sci-fi prog rock adventure.

The Girl Mannequin is fantastic and they just put this awesome new song out.

WACK’s supergroup SPY did a thing.

In this week’s episode of “Underground Idols in Above-Ground Places” here’s MANACLE playing in a shopping mall. The responses of the mother and daughter who slip in around 1:40 are priceless.

Later today, you can catch the free livestream of, by far, the greatest line-up IDOL LIVE JAPAN has ever put together featuring You’ll Melt More!, Planck Stars,  MAD JAMIE , mistress,  AIBECK, LEIWAN,  EMPATHY,  AKIARIM,  POPPiNG EMO, SHOCKiNG EGO, NAP, Kaminagi Rabbits, Merkmal Mermal and more.

A new song from one the founding units of the genre: the venerable HimeKyunFruitCan

XTEEN in da’ club.

Meet Witch cult, an idol unit produce by THE HEANACAT.

ATARASHII GAKKO will be returning to California to perform at Crunchyroll Expo in San Jose.

This may be my favorite Monoclone song.

A nice find by The Struggler over on the Homicidols Discord Server: here’s 2021 Best Overseas Act nominee from Korea, X!DENT performing a cover of NECRONIMIDOL’s “Tupilaq”.

Another nice discovery by the Discord Server crew, this time from SUBEN W: here’s the debut MV for Thailand’s KAIBUTSU whose costumes were designed by Roku of THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND.

Nagoya glitter punks, CYCLONISTA released a nice new one.

C;ON, our favorite multi-instrumental unit, also got a little pensive this week.

Li-V-Rave decided to stay with the upbeat hard rock thing.

IZANAGI provide some pretty solid evidence that K-Pop is influencing the genre.

Oshiloss Corner

Richan had let it be known she was auditioning for another group, but we figured it was all just more crazy shenanigans to get out of shaving her head.  Now Richan has announced that she is in fact leaving Planck Stars effective July 1.

Kunogi, who has been struggling with bipolar disorder, has officially graduated from POMÜM.

Wonker Twins of ASP will be going on hiatus to heal a stress fracture in her leg.

Fresh off of dropping one of the best EPs of the year, MADMAO are calling it quits

Hibiki is leaving B.K.S.N.

EMOE is ending it’s current system and recruiting new members.

The last video from the sublime Stella Sugarlet was released to remind us of just how much we’ve lost.

In the lighter side of Oshiloss Corner, Rin is returning to Yumegiwa Last Girl and, hopefully, her stellar solo project UTERO.

And FINALLY, in the biggest fake-out of the week, EMPiRE announced their sudden dissolution and then, just as suddenly, announced that they were rebooting with a new name under a new record label. Yay contractual obligation drama. my favorite.

The joke in Team chat was that ExWHYZ sounded like the name of an 80s hair metal band. It turns out there was a reason for that.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!!

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  1. Thanks so much for another excellent post. I had not heard of Stella Sugarlet until your post. Wow what a great track “Wonderland” is. I can’t stop playing it. It is a shame i can’t seem to find it released anywhere, so i hope the Youtube vid will not disappear in the future.
    Keep those amazing tunes coming 🙂

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