Your Homicidols Weekender #288

The big news this week, (other than RAY’s sudden suspension of activities) is that Japan will be opening it’s borders to overseas visitors again. The catch is that only tourists attached to an approved, organized tour group with fixed itineraries will be allowed in. These tour groups will be heavily monitored and things like slipping away to a livehouse in order to catch a chika idol taiban will apparently be heavily discouraged.

In light of these developments, we are now frantically scrambling to launch Homicidols International Travel Agency, with sanctioned tour packages that consist of nothing but visits to record stores, purveyors of second-hand merch and underground livehouses. Unfortunately, we are encountering a few difficulties scraping together the capital to launch our new venture since most of our assets are tied up backing our cryptocurrency token, The Homicidollar, which has apparently collapsed to a level beneath any measurable value. Our other revenue generating venture, issuing THE BANANA MONKEYS NFTs, never really went anywhere either. We seemed to have really misjudged the market for those things.

While we work out the kinks in our latest endeavor, here’s some other stuff that happened this week:

It’s the first MV we’ve had from Shiina Hikari (aka Pikarin) in a very long time.

Idols abroad!! FiDZ and K@hoRu@ made appearances at Kodachicon in Sweden this week.

GANG PARADE trying to make chair dancing a thing.

RILISREVERSE have a new single out.

situasion have released a new EP. It is really good stuff.

You know who else likes situasion? New fellow idol blog DON’T TRUST iDOL published this interview with Azusa Suga (composer for RAY, Dots Tokyo and airattic) in which Suga-san admits that he is a fan as well. He talks about a lot of other stuff too. It’s a good read.

HATEandTEARS strategy for getting a TIF invite involves releasing the catchiest tune imaginable and chanting T-I-F a lot.

Aina the End has been cast as Janis Joplin in a musical. That’s some good typecasting, vocally at least.

Meet NANIMONO, a new unit  introducing themselves via chiptune rap or something. Whatever, it’s adorable.

Another new group, Woven’s (successor unit to INforMEL) just dropped their first digital single.

More from the class of ’22: we introduced Girls Crying in Bathroom in our latest episode of New and New to Us (hereafter referred to as NaNTUS). Here’s a nice digest from their debut live:

We featured EMPATHY in lasts month’s edition of NaNTUS. Here’s a PV from their debut.

Sticking with PVs, but this time from a veteran unit, here’s Devil ANTHEM.

ATARASHII GAKKO! gave us the noise and dubstep remix of “Pineapple Kryptonite” that we didn’t know we needed.

ATARASHII GAKKO! also made a surprise appearance at an ASOBISYSTEM taiban featuring MIGMA SHELTER and NEO JAPONISM.  Here’s an idea: bring MIGMA SHELTER as a support act to Head in the Clouds festival!

HACHIMITSU BLACK want to tell you about their first full album dropping in a couple of days.

ano got into an accident on her motorcycle and, unfortunately, broke a couple bones in her face.

And last but not least, NEW KAQRIYOTERROR ALBUM SOON!

Oshiloss Corner

Jonah Kirano has left ZOC, citing power harassment by Seiko Oomori as the reason.  There were no consequences for Seiko the last time she was exposed exhibiting this behavior , so it is unfortunate and unsurprising that it has continued.

Shiyu will graduate from Aphrodite on September 30th.

A rare bit of good news in the Oshiloss Corner: KANARIA, who just recently disbanded, is being resurrected for this live in early July. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!!

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  1. Being a ZOC fan is starting to feel like being a The Smiths or Megadeth fan. They’ve got talent but is that worth it to support a huge jerk?

    I had been waiting for the Woven’s singles since they released their first MV. These did not disappoint.

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