Your Homicidols Weekender #287

So, I’ve been catching up all week after my quick trip out to LA last weekend for the inaugural edition of Cruel World. It was a great festival. Bauhaus especially was pretty mind-blowing, even after all these years. The other big standout for me was DEVO who still come off as remarkably relevant in these dystopian times.  The only set that didn’t quite work for me was the Violent Femmes. Songs about how you can’t get a date to the prom don’t really quite work when you’re old enough to be a great-grandpa.

Still, I love traveling and I love live music, but I especially love traveling to see live music. My next trip is a long, hot summer away when, in early September, I’ll be driving up to a certain con in Phoenix to see a certain punkabilly idol unit. Speaking of:

GARUDA aka Yuffie Sakimura will be heading overseas soon for two appearances on two different continents. First up, she will visiting the UK for HYPER JAPAN’s HYPER LIVE 2022 in July. Then, in early September, she will be with MELON BATAKE A GO GO as they make their US debut at Saboten Con.

In the lead up to her international appearances, Friends-of-Homicidols Chaotic Harmony are hosting a “Get to Know GARUDA” session. Submit your questions for GARUDA by Monday!

While we’re on the topic of idols visiting the West, K@hoRu@ will be performing at Kodachicon in Sweden next week along with Chihiro and Hina from  FiDZ

Now Aishu TO Momentum would like your undivided attention.

Why do we keep talking about how good situasion is? For dark, beautiful reasons like this:

A near perfect supergroup: iNNOCENT ASS forever and always!!

3776 is as weird and wonderful as ever.

Here’s why it’s worthwhile to pay attention to AMEFURASSHI.

Is everyone still mad at Kaiju by Me?

SHOCKiNG EGO does the pop punk thing really well.

This fishbowl unit continues to be an interesting project. If you like Task have fun, Philosophy no Dance and/or lyrical school, I say give them a serious shot.

On the treat Super Season has a new single out.

Here’s a very slick MV from twinpale.

Chaotic Harmony conducted a short interview with Tokyo Psychopath.

We’ve been getting a lot of PVs from MANACLE lately. I can get behind that trend.

MIC RAW RUGA dropped a new EP.

I could have sworn Jekyll ☆ Hyde disbanded at some point, but here they are.

I love Title Mitei. There. I said it. Now just TRY to pry my punk card from my cold, pale, black-nail-polished fingers.

Losing Dog Waste look like lots of fun.

BLUE BLUE BLUE (the idols formerly know as DEVIL NO ID) have finally dropped their first single.

Oshiloss Corner

Yubune will be leaving MIGMA SHELTER on June 7.

403ERROR embodied the very spirit of chika idol the last few years. Self-produced and relentlessly playing the live houses, they’ve dropped (I believe) their second-ever MV to mark their disbandment. 


Only weeks left until the world suffers the loss of LiLii Kaona.

In idol-adjacent items, here’s an MV from Boss Rei’s (former BURST GIRL and Guso Drop) fancy animal punk band Knuckle Chiwawa :

Have a Good Weekend!!

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  1. Bauhaus were so cool 🙂 Your love of Situasion… you are not alone. I think they are so great. They also have the best song title ever “I was Born Idol”. In fact in the past i have thought if ever i started a blog it would be called “Born Idol”….. I thought of it first 🙂

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