Your Homicidols Weekender #286

Happy weekend !! I’m in LA for Cruel World festival whose lineup includes Bauhaus, DEVO, The Damned, Christian Death, Blondie and a number other legendary groups whose influences help shape the music we talk about here today. Coupled with the very exciting news from earlier this week that MELON BATAKE A GO GO are visiting the US at Saboten Con, it’s becoming more and more clear that festivals and cons are very much back on. Another case in point:

That’s three of our all-time favorites, 2& , NECRONOMIDOL and GARUDA, all heading for the UK in July courtesy of our friends at Orion Live. It has been a long time since we’ve had so many overseas lives to look forward too. I’d say something optimistic, but I’m afraid to jinx these happy circumstances.

With cons getting back up and running all over the place, be sure to also support your local idols !! Jenny Hayes is appearing at Leeds Anime Con in June.

Also in June, melancholiaah! is appearing at A-Kon in Irving, Texas.

In our Best of The Year (So Far) roundup, we didn’t include a “Best New Unit” preview, but I believe Planet After the Rain is a contender.

PIGGS is going major label! Their debut single will be a competitive release between two versions: one produced by the indie team led by Ryan B and the other produced by this anonymous major label guy in a pig mask.

Speaking of the best, situasion is as good as it gets right now. Here’s a PV of one of their more upbeat tunes.

Potential Collaboration of the Year right here: RAY + For Tracy Hyde .

Wonder Lander dropped a new streaming release and it’s really good stuff.

It’s kinda sad that we got to this point, but when the MV started I just assumed BiSH were doing a tie-in to sell a car.

I love this Nousatsu ❤︎ After Beat tune so I’m thrilled they made it into an MV. Ska idols !! LET’S GO!

INUWASI is dropping a bunch of live PVs.

This seems like the first we’ve heard from MONOCLONE in a while.

Now we only have three months of Dan te Lion left before we never see them again.

Our friends at Chaotic Harmony, who we can thank for bringing MELON BATAKE A GO GO to US shores, have hooked up with Younapi. I must believe that this can only mean good things.

Meet AXELIGHT from we-B studios (home of PassCode). They dropped their first album leading up to their debut on the 20th.

A little AMEFURASSHI never hurt anyone.

Oshiloss Corner

Shortly after dropping what is quite possibly the album of the year, Kai is suspending activities from RAY .

Why are you teasing me KANARIA?

It has been one year since the dissolution of SPARK SPEAKER .

Have a Good Weekend !!

I know I will.



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