Your Homicidols Weekender #285

I’ve been traveling most of this week for work so please forgive the lack of substantive updates. It’s the first extended trip I’ve taken since COVID started and, after being cooped up with my cat for over two years, I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye in the hotel. It’s nice to be home, but it seems I missed her more than she missed me. That’s probably for the best since I’m hitting the road again later this week to LA for the Cruel World Festival with lots of 80s icons like Bauhaus, The Damned and Christian Death. That will be fun.

But first, let’s chat about music that was released this century:

Mani Mamiya of Yanakoto Sotto Mute dropped a solo single on her birthday. Perhaps it’s a preview of her future following Yanamute’s imminent disbandment.

It’s the first MV from the latest iteration of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

If you can make it Sweden by the end of the month, you can catch members of FiDZ and K@hoRu@ (former ZOMBIE POWDER members) at Kodachicon.

Garuda of MELON BATAKE a go go visited Sweden just last year and turned out just fine.

MAD JAMIE continues their pattern of releasing crazy good music.

MANACLE is dropping a lot of PVs lately. Here’s one:

D̴E̷A̷T̴H̴N̷Y̵A̶N̴N̷  dropped an MV to accompany their latest single.

WONDER SNAKE has a new release with an amazing album cover.

How about a PV from situasion, one of the best new acts in chika idol.

SIPP is back up to four members thanks to everyone who followed Chun Li.

Here’s Batten Shoujo-tai performing the single that won them Best Indie Idol Song at the 2021 Idol Music Awards.

Thanks to The Struggler over on the Homicidols Discord Server for noticing that Ricky (aka NECROMA P) has a side gig as a stage actor.

INUWASI has been dropping a bunch of PV as well. This may be my favorite.

Oshiloss Corner

Joy in Oshiloss Corner this week as Shida (ex. Futamaruya Shidare) reunited with fellow former member of Yukueshirezutsurezure, Michi Shito at their first art installation.

Performing as Hikage, Shida also dropped the second single from her band project swancry. It seems to channel a touch of Tsurezure.

In less joyful news, Kawai Yui and Nuniki are graduating from Innes.

Rena of Yumegiwa Last Girl gave everyone a stroke when she used the white text-Tweet of death to announce she was quitting… …reviewing ice cream because she started gaining weight.

Have a Good Weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #285

  1. My goth clubbing days are well behind me, but that cruel world festival does sound awesome. Enjoy!

  2. Your posts are always first rate, but this one is even better. Too many great things to mention , but just one example : Without you i wouldn’t have known about Shidare as Hikage in Swan Cry. I am sooo happy she is making such brilliant music again. I love the new songs so much.
    I am still pinching myself to check i am not in a wonderful dream – but Yes QED – Tri and the new Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da video really do confirm that Mei Yui Mei and Nene Komochi are in the same group. Next thing you’ll be telling me they are playing at The Budokan next March or something 😉 . What are the chances of Mashiro and Togoren (now Coai) rejoining Zenbu 🙂 🙂 Or Nonamera joins them ! (Looks like Japan are starting to open up to Tourists again. They do need to as their economy is not good at the moment so need “our” tourist income. I shall keep praying to The Fox God we can go in March 🙂

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