Your Homicidols Weekender #280

What a week! We had some emotional graduations falling in between highly anticipated releases, all during the week of April 1st which is practically a high holiday on the alt idol calendar. I’m pretty close to being out of words for the week, but a quick reminder that, if you want to see the Especia reunion show, you will want to read this post. Also, a heads up that we segregated the BABYMETAL news and all other Fox Day/April Fools Day activities in a post of their very own so they could have the attention they deserve. Now, on to the rest of what happened in this very busy week:

There are few (relatively) new units generating more anticipatory buzz around here than YUP YUP. They just dropped their first album (which is amazing) and a new MV (also stellar).

I have to give pedro over on the Homicidols Discord Server full credit for bringing UTERO to my attention. It’s a solo project of Rin from yumigiewa last girl and the debut EP is stunning.

nonomera got caught in a vapor wave explosion.

Congrats to NaNoMoRaL who won a talent competition and a big check!

You’ll Melt More knows that Halloween is every day.

MAD JAMIE continues their streak of crazy good singles

SAKA-SAMA’s new (and very danceable) single is out on all the streaming platforms for you to enjoy!

MAPA dropped this little bit of insanity appropriately on April 1.

Here’s a lovely one from mzsrz.

MiiS just released their very first album.

If you haven’t checked out fishbowl yet, they are worth the look, especially if you enjoy units like CYNHN or TipToe. They have a new single coming out next week.

POPPY (not that Poppy) are making an early pitch for Song of the Summer.

Here’s DEVIL Anthem. from a late March live.

How about some live Girl Mannequin?

Oshiloss Corner

O’CHAWANZ 1st Generation held their last live.

The current JyuJyu system came to an end as well.

KANARIA also held the last live this week.

Then, in the worst move ever, KANARIA‘s debut album was finally released one day later.

stellasugarlet, one of our favorites, is calling it quits in May.

Fingers Cross lost two.

WILL-O’ caused undue excitement by dropping an MV a year after they disbanded. All hope was quickly quashed as it was discovered that management was just trying to generate some excitement for the release of their last live blu ray.


Have a Good Weekend!!