Your Homicidols Weekender #28

Happy weekend, friends! Have you been thinking about fun alternatives for idol MV sets? We need more fun!

This was a hell of a week, though, wasn’t it? Of course the highlight was Papermaiden’s interview with Not Secured, Loose Ends in Toronto, and Daemon’s eyewitness reporting on their first appearance on North American shores. I’m still a little sore that I missed out, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Besides, details are soon to come on another beloved-by-the-community group venturing forth to lands outside of Japan, and I for one can’t friggin’ wait to know the specifics (about which I’m deliberately being coy because you probably know what I’m talking about but I only feel like posting once it’s all lined up).

Of course many things happened and didn’t get included here on the sacred pages of, so it’s time to look back!

Don’t You Ever Get Tired of This, Maniac?

Did you want the details on Hauptharmonie’s final concert?

That’s sad. I’m sad. They didn’t even send me a preview of the last album. Boo hiss.

“Please mosh without annoyance to other guests.” Love it.

You’ve been doing this for too long when you can ID everybody in this photo without thinking twice:

BiSH will never top this album art” is something that we say every time they release an album:

Mirumo, ex of Poroporo Baroque, has found herself a new home in new AckeyP project Wagamama Kiite:

Thank you Krv for the tip!

Honk when you see it:

Good lord

And good luck unseeing this:

Unless you’re cool with that. Can’t blame you if you are!

I have no idea what she’s doing:

Photos from what I think was Phantom Voice’s last live?

Because you’re good people, here’s Dots doing “Cider”:

I remember the first time I experienced “Genkidane,” I couldn’t stop listening. I’m still kind of mad that Kamen Joshi didn’t keep up with that exact thing forever, because they were on a serious roll for a while.

Check out this teaser by Eren:

JyuJyu, who had one of the greatest MVs ever, are having a member graduate:

Her thoughts on it.

This Ten Tenko track, my goodness:

I like this new one from Woltanative a lot:

ICE CREAM SUICIDE made an appearance somewhere?

Meanwhile, BiS is following up BiSH’s work with the Legendary Six Nine to do a tour of their own with the band:

In the spirit of Sid Vicious, have a great weekend!

Thank you, Richard!

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  1. Saw Code Orange (and Car Bomb) supporting Gojira earlier this year – they were good. A lot of energy on a small stage. The bassist particularly likes to throw a few shapes whilst playing.

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