Your Homicidols Weekender #279

It pains me to say it, my dear readers of Homicidols dot com, but I have failed you. When I took the reins of this storied site from Maniac’s weathered yet capable hands, I made myself a commitment to ensure we publish at least one post per week in addition to the Weekender. Though such a modest goal, it appears that the maintenance of even that small measure of output was beyond me. This week, for the first time during my nascent tenure as el hefe de Homicidols, I did not manage to publish a post between Weekenders. I, of course, blame the demands of the day job which have been onerous of late. It certainly was not for lack of news and new releases. While I was distracted by maintaining gainful employment, the idol world did not rest. So, please accept my apology and my promise: I will do my best to churn out uninformed garbage thoughtful idol commentary more frequently in the future.

For now, let’s forget about work and schedules and the other worries of the week and catch up on the stuff that matters:

lyrical school went and dropped one of the best songs of the year (so far). I love it when they channel the shoegaze.

8bitBRAIN not only have one of the best names in chika idol, but have just dropped their very first album and this very slick MV.

Resistance is futile!! PLANCK STARS new album hit #1 on the Oricon daily charts.

misola de edison is a fascinating unit that we don’t hear enough from.

In sporting news, Ling Ling lost her pro wrestling championship belt to an apple. 

It’s incredibly unusual for a new PIGGS release to get mentioned this deep into the weekender, but it’s been a good week for news and MVs!

Okaki (MANACLE) has announced a solo project dubbed 「something “r”」.

Would you like some live Satanic Punish? Of course you would! That’s a dumb question. 

Here’s a new single from site favorite Nonamera.

Yui Hiiragi of Pupa!! gives us this excellent pop punk solo single. 

We got new EPs from both XTEEN and Heroine is Me xxx.

STELLA SUGARLET, our favorite gaming obsessed, chip-tune idols gave us a delightful new MV.

Speaking of nerd-centric units, it looks like NELN will be picking up a third member soon.

For those of you who’ve been missing the days when ATARASHII GAKKO! channeled acid jazz on the regular, here’s a throwback performance. 

 THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO gives us a brand new prog-rock MV complete with an eight minute behind-the-scenes, making-of featurette.

Aoi Yagawa (former Maison Book Girl) dropped a new MV to coincide with the release of her debut solo EP, See the Light.

SIPP has a new trainee named Chun Li. She needs 300 followers to debut. Go!

SANDAL TELEPHONE has groove in their hearts.

-odoro- has a new EP out. If you can find it on streaming, please let us know.

Oishii Amai is getting in on the electro swing kick.

LEIWAN dropped their 10th single.

Oshiloss Corner

It is the final weekend of JyuJyu’s current system. You can snag a livestream ticket to the final live here via Zaiko. In the meantime, they’ve made their final mini album available on YouTube through the end of the month.

YUKIZI will be graduating from MIC RAW RUGA on April 3rd.

Kotao (ex-Avandoned) graduated from college.

Michele (former NECRONOMIDOL) left M-Smile management.

After going stray, Inu has been officially exorcised from MELTY GHOST CLUB.

Solo idol MISSEMILY (formerly of the mishmash, KRD8, 4th Count, LinQ and REV) will be launching a new unit.

Chiffon (formerly of You’ll Melt More and APOKALIPPPS ) is launching a unit as well.


Have a Good Weekend!!