Your Homicidols Weekender #278

It was a very eventful week with two very different dynamics at work. On the one hand, we had some pretty big announcements in the graduation and disbandment categories. At the same time, we were receiving word of some pretty big unit reboots and debuts. Our hearts would get ripped out one moment just to be resurrected the next. So, while we usually segregate all of the bad news by itself away in Oshiloss Corner, I thought we would try something different this week and alternate the tragically devastating news with shocks of unexpected joy in a new emotional amusement park ride we’ll call, The Idol Whiplash.

Don’t worry, we’ll go through this together. But like all good roller coasters, it begins begin with a long, anticipatory ascent to ensure that the fall will be all the more devastating satisfying. Let’s go!

Everything abut the new CROSSNOESIS is a nice, slow burn.

We haven’t talked about Monkuro Television much, but maybe we should.

The perennially underrated buGG dropped an new EP and an MV to make you wonder why they don’t appear in your rotation more often.

INUWASI also has a new EP out. It’s a contender.

A couple months ago, Batten Girls won the 10th Annual Idol Awards title for best indie idol song with “Watashi Koi Hajimetatteyo!”. Their follow-up is penned by Kenmochi Hidefumi (Wednesday Campanella).

For a change up, BLACKNAZARENE dropped a couple new tracks. They also have an important announcement pending which scares me.

Now at the apex before our descent into despair and exhilaration, let SARI, our eternal Queen,  bless us with her new single.

Arms up! Here we go!!

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. will be losing both Amanechi An and Yukinojou Oyatsu  after their appearance at the TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on April 3rd .

But, thank the night!! Owaranaide, Yoru is rebooting.

The most mod unit out there, the mishmash will be graduating all members on April 24th. Ska idol is a tough business.

But all is not lost! Miscast is tempering their impending disbandment by rebooting as an indie unit called Maze.

Why did their label want to break them up? I don’t understand.

One week after learning Dan te Lion is calling it quits in August, Yuria’s other unit KANARIA is suspending activities. I am not prepared for a world without Yuria!!

Meanwhile, although Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku∞ is disbanding next weekend, Ichiho P is launching a new group that appears to be called IZANAGI. Here’s a preview:

PUNKY RAD PINK imploded. They say there are plans to reboot.

Console yourself with the debut singe from FAREWELL, MY L.u.v REBOOT!

Inu ghosted Melty Ghost Club. She has since resurfaced but hasn’t felt well enough to rejoin the unit yet.

Whew! That was a wild ride, but we made it to the end in one piece. Now time to chill with Hokkaido’s Title Mitei and their latest dreampop masterwork.

I also wanted to include XTEEN’s new MV but they disabled sharing, so here’s a link. It’s fun.


Have a Good Weekend!!