Your Homicidols Weekender #276

Is it an early spring? As Friends of Homicdols, Poppy and Haru Nemuri kick off their long-delayed tours and Japanese rock acts like BAND-MAID, NEMOPHILA, CROSSFAITH, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE and SCANDAL all plan summer and fall appearances in the West, hope has begun to bloom that we could soon return to regular overseas idol appearances.

Yes, please!!

In the meantime, while we were deluged last week with releases from new names and talents, this week, the big-name veterans decided to remind us that they are still alive and kicking.

Who would have thought that the most controversial single of 2022 is an anisong-style tune by Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

I’m really digging the new NEO JAPONISM.

You’ll Melt More insists Life is Simple.

We got our first hi-def performance footage of PassCode at Budokan.

PIGGS extend their rein as the queens of emo punk. The music video also needs to surpass 30k views for the group to release their next music video so please, tell your friends! Tell your grandma! Watch it then watch it again!

BiSH continues to release the best music we’ve heard from them in years as part of their campaign to get us to forget they ever put their name on “Promise the Star”.

BLACKNAZARENE want you to know that they are in charge.

INUWASI continue to explore their softer side.


More new units making waves: here’s Poetreep, sister unit of Pupa!!

It’s the third single in three weeks by Craveit.

Attention! : SIPP is now known as SUPER IDOL PUNK PARTY. That is all.

HACHIMITSUBLACK dropped a new single about hunting honey. I think.

Another PV from C;ON’s one-man. I will never get sick of this stuff.

Oshiloss Corner

Scream and cry. Nayu’s last song with ASP was appropriately “SAKEBE”.

Sako Makoto has left –odoro-.

Big changes at Payrin’s effective this comign June: Mochiko Sakuragi will retire to concentrate on being a producer of new unit, Chick Flick. Payrin’s will then reboot with a new system including Nanaki and Umi.

We only have six more months of Dan te Lion


Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!!