Your Homicidols Weekender #277

It’s IDORISE!!FESTVIAL weekend! The idol festival so exciting that two exclamation points are built right into the name. It consists of of six stages of simultaneous idol lives for two straight days but, for those of us who still can’t quite get to Japan yet, it’s what’s happening at O-WEST, O-EAST and duo MUSIC EXCHANGE that are of most interest as they are being livestreamed over on Nico Nico.  Day one has already wrapped up but you can still catch day two later today (or tonight, depending on your time zone) featuring NEO JAPONISM, Ringwanderung, INUWASI, ZsasZ, HO6LA, THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO, QUEENS, Nichoume no Sakigake Coming Out, Qumari Depart, kolokol, ukka and many many more.

Good news!: O’CHWANZ released a rare MV. Bad news: It’s the last MV from the 1st generation before their graduation later this month.

They’re also leaving with a phenomenal final album.

EVE took over MOON ROMANTIC for their latest MV and are looking and sounding fantastic.

Craveit has been releasing one new song per week for a month now and this one is my favorite as they infuse a little funk in their electro swing.

Goodday play around with noise and hyper pop in their latest feel good MV.

No one is doing it better live right now than ASP.

Want some ska in your idol? Meet the newly re-booted Nousatsu❤︎After Beat.

POPPiNG EMO mess with your emotions like they play with fireworks.

If you’re wondering why nuance is everywhere lately, it’s because they just dropped not one, but two new albums.

Schroedinger’s Dog, one of the best-named units is playing around with idol core.

situasion is so good they can create one of the best albums of 2022 just by cobbling together all the stuff they released in 2021.

LiLii Kaona is still immaculate even when they perform in sweat pants.

MIGMA SHELTER held two surprise livestreams last weekend. Check out the archives while they’re still up.

Titel Mitei continues to put out some of the classiest dream pop out there.

Oshiloss Corner

Did Rei (former boss of  BURST GIRL and Guso Drop) go to Yurapico’s handshake event, or is Yurapico at Rei’s?

ano (former You’ll Melt More) continues her conquest of the pop world.

Introducing Nekota Yuru, formerly known as Popo Popo Po Popo Jr. of MIGMA SHELTER, aka  Mikoto of  RILISREVERSE, and Me of HAMIDASYSTEM.

Weekend Radio


Have a Good Weekend!!