Your Homicidols Weekender #271

There was a brief moment of hope kindled earlier this week when reports emerged that business leaders in Japan were petitioning for loosening entry requirements and allowing foreign visitors as early as March. While it looks highly unlikely this will actually come to pass, the mere possibility became even more of a tease when this announcement for a March live dropped that may prove to be the greatest line-up of the year:

That’s RAY, Yanakoto Sotto Mute, CROSSNOESIS, situasion, Ringwanderung, DAIDAIDAI, and  Nichoume no Sakigake Coming Out all hosted by nuance. It’s like half the A-list of the alt-rock underground all on one stage. Let’s pray for a livestream option.

In the meantime:

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya dropped a couple of MVs this week.  This was my favorite of the two:

PIGGS give us another fantastic live PV.

Here’s an interview with NEMLESS conducted during her visit to Alternativfesten.

BiS decided to hold a fitness competition in the middle of their show because, why not?

It looks like Yurapico had an amazing birthday.

BABYBEARD’s new one. The BEARD is up to the same old tricks, but it’s still entertaining, so why change?  Suzu and Kotomi are quite good too.  I can’t help but like this trio.

Here’s proof Ringwanderung have groove in their hearts.

Broken By The Scream give us a sample of their last live show.

Friend of Homicidols, Derek Vasconi plays the leading man in this Kanaku Logic MV.

Malcom Mask McLaren give a live reprise of one the unit’s vintage tunes.

Who’s your pusher? ATARASHII GAKKO!! want to get you high on dopamine and BBQ.

-caeca- have a new MV out so you know I’m gonna post it.

If you really want to chill, the Batten Girls will take you on a relaxing, kimono-clad walking tour.

C;ON, our favorite vocal, dance, piano and brass unit drop a flamenco-flavored groove. What’s the proper wota mix for a sax solo?

Sadly this isn’t another idol Limp Bizkit cover but still good from REBEL REBEL:

Oshiloss Corner

STUDIO COAST has closed it’s doors for good.

The members of ReXlus have regrouped to form a new unit called, ONE KILL.

Nerun will be missing a few You’ll Melt More lives due to family issues.

Not idol, but idol adjacent 4s4ki (composer for CY8ER and Rinahamu collaborator) is a genius that needs to be appreciated.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!!