Your Homicidols Weekender #270

I’m not the only one who has noticed. It has been unusually quiet in the chika idol world of late. January always has a bit of down time after the end of year/new year chaos, but I can’t think of one bit of major news from the last few weeks aside from GANG PARADE’s resurrection. I’m not really complaining since I’ve been busy with both school and work, but it just seems a bit odd. The last couple of weeks, most of the idol-related announcements in my Twitter feed have been in reference to COVID test results, which probably explains a big part of the reason for reduced activity right there.

Still, even with no momentous news, lots of great releases dropped this week, like:

I think this may be the best thing The Grateful a MogAAAz have ever done.

PIGGS gave us a surprisingly emotional “NOT PIG” from a recent live.

PLANCK STARS came up with an affordable and inventive alternative to re-recording after the  acrimonious departure of a member.

GANG PARADE will give you a little preview of their upcoming music video if you follow the link and pre-save their upcoming single!

When people say they wish idols played their own instruments, they probably don’t have Vocal/Dance/Euphonium/Sax/Pianoforte unit C;ON in mind.  

≠ ME calls this “Chocolate Melancholia”, which I think is a typo. It should be “Chocolate ≠ Melancholia”.

Please welcome Special Cheese Menu to streaming services and enjoy their wonderfully weird new singles!

Come get a little Boooost with live  HO6LA!

Best New 2021 Unit nominee SIPP is still working on their new line up. Potential new member HOMA needs 500 followers to officially join the unit, so please give her a hand.

Want to see an idol unit run through several decades of genres, from doo-wop to prog rock, in a single set? Check out Team Homicidols’ guilty pleasure, Machida Girls Choir.

Here’s relatively new unit Hullabaloo paying tribute to the venerable Hauptharmonie.

I’m not sure we’ve talked about Electric Girllll yet, but they have been paying lots of taibans with groups we like, so it’s just a matter of time.

If anyone is in Nagoya this weekend, please drop by the O’CHAWANZ x FAREWELL, MY L.u.v two-man live and snag me a copy of this collaboration CDR.

Oshiloss Corner

NELN gave us a digest from MAO’s last live so we can weep along at home.

RuRu, we hardly knew you. SIPP lost another member

KAMiYA SAKi (formerly of BiS and GANG PARADE) is an fan of ATARASHII GAKKO! 

Weekend Radio

We’ve had a few changes and the radio now operates just like a regular Spotify playlist: all in one place and rotates every week. There’s also more songs! Who doesn’t love more bang for your buck?

Have a Good Weekend!

And worship Boris.