Your Homicidols Weekender #27

Good morning! Maniac here, checking in from … not Toronto, actually! “But Maniac, aren’t you supposed to be at the Tsurezure shows this weekend?” Yes I was! Look, I would’ve loved to have been there, had everything reserved and ready as of Wednesday afternoon … at which time it became clear that I needed to be home and available at least on Friday. So, no Maniac at the NSLE shows.

But! There are friends abounding, and you’ll be hearing from them. Did you really think I wouldn’t do everything possible to take tremendous advantage of the opportunity provided by having some truly community-favorite idols readily accessible in the West?

Before any of that, though, we have a very busy week in idol to catch up on!

So What’d We Miss?



This is nice: The Former Idol Currently Known as UK, original BiS member Nakayama Yukiko, is getting married:

Get a load of this cover of BiSH’s “Orchestra”:

In addition to some other business coming along shortly, A-to-J interviewed Ladybeard:

I remember digging Psycho Predator’s grave a little while ago, with Rin basically disappearing and ex-Lolisyn member Haruka kind of aimless … but you can’t keep a good idol down, and Haru’s go a new project:

Wonder Lander, who are pretty cool, stuck their single tracks on Soundcloud:

Check out our girl Not Called Nayuta Anymore from Asimov Is Magician:

I’m a little unsure of how I feel about where this short MV from Elfloat is going:

Kai’s shirt:

OTOTOY interviewed the two new BiS members:

Also, holy shit, this DVD:

And because this thing is full of WACK, here’s Aya (currently) from GANG PARADE:

Gekijo-ban in … some kind of grotto?

Also, tremendously weird:

It happened!

If you’ve ever watched Broken by the Scream on SHOWROOM, or have just wanted to start, here’s their schedule:

I’m going to stop believing Kurohara Yu-ri when she says that she’s retiring:

Not-Mizuho and her new friends have a major single coming out:


Have a better weekend than people who don’t like idols!

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  2. The official version of Nadarezakarock tour report with …Ladybaby was added to yt this week:

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