Your Homicidols Weekender #269

Earlier this week we posted a short retrospective of THE SPUNKY, one of the sunniest gems in the history of underground punk idol. It was a nice reminder that alternative music doesn’t have to be all maudlin doom,  shrieking angst or screaming against the inevitable darkness of the void, as much as we truly love that stuff too. Judging by this week’s releases, we weren’t the only ones who wanted to start the year off with an upbeat shot of positivity, comfort and confidence. 

So let’s see how long this new season of cheerful optimism lasts! I give it until Tuesday.  In the meantime:

You’ll Melt More! released a feel good MV for their surprisingly named single, “!!”.

Goodday are superstars in the feel-good genre.

HO6LA attempt to boooost the trend of upbeat releases.

In more good news, BPM15Q, the progenitor of both CY8ER and HO6LA, dropped their 2016 album ALL SONGS on multiple, major streaming services this week.

PLEVAIL makes a good case to stop screening calls.

LYSM stands for “Love You So Much”.  They’re a good unit to lean towards when you  need some warm fuzzies.

That’s a bit too much of all this goodness, positivity and light, so let’s try to shift the mood by taking a moment to introduce ourselves to Melancholic Girl Story. Ziensa bought them to our attention over on the Homicidols Discord Server. I don’t know much about them except that they debuted last year and this is good stuff.

situasion is one of the most somber and compelling units out there right now, especially after the recent drop of their remarkable EP, I would prefer not to.  For a quick primer, carve out 20 minutes of your weekend and watch this:

We’re nothing if not educational, so here’s a brief documentary on the sudden resurrection of  GANG PARADE.

Pupa!! is so good. They really deserve a dedicated article and I feel more and more guilty that I still haven’t written it yet.

As a reminder of the inevitable march of time, here’s the seven (or eight) ages of Chiaki Mayumura:

And now with the realization that we should spend more time doing meaningful things with our lives, here’s one full hour of live RAY.

Oshiloss Corner

All current members of JYUJYU will graduate at their one-man live on March 27, signaling an end to their current system.

BRATS (fronted by former founding member of LADYBABY, Rei Kuromiya ) have surpassed 100% of their crowdfunding campaign for a high tech MV, but are still taking donations in exchange for some pretty nice rewards.

And I hereby surrender any further attempts to avoid the avalanche of sweetness and light this week. Here’s Quamri Depart to put you into a diabetic coma.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend !!