Your Homicidols Weekender #267: HAPPY NEW YEAR EDITION!!

Happy New Year! It is officially 2022 in every time zone on the planet that uses the Gregorian calendar (to our Ethiopian friends, I hope you are having an enjoyable 2013). If you missed it, we posted the results of the Homicidols Best of 2021 yesterday. We also pretended that the Friday Fun was a defunct WACK unit and resurrected it without warning, so be sure to post your #2022IdolPredictions on Twitter. The prize for getting the most predictions correct is to be burned at the stake as a witch, so you may want to keep those prognostications a bit vague. 

So, welcome 2022! Please be kind to us. We’re keeping our expectations low so you don’t need to try too hard. If nothing else, thank you for kicking off the year with the traditional day of idols in kimonos.

Marino Kai of RAY wrote, arranged and directed the MV for this solo song.

The goddesses of ERISU mix Sumerian and groove metal in their latest hymn. Listening constitutes joining the cult of Eris, but it’s totally worth it.

Anyone who predicted GANG PARADE would reform in 2022 didn’t even have to wait one day for their wish to come true.

The soundtrack to the Gynou Fest Farewell to Studio Coast and it’s Octagon of Sound MV is provided by one of our very favorites: NaNoMoRaL .

Speaking of farewells to the Octagon of Sound, here’s Devil ANTHEM. Performing their signature song from their final Christmas Eve live at Studio Coast.

Hidden in Beni’s New Year’s tweet is the news that she is starting a new solo project in 2022.

If you’ve ever thought, “More idols need to channel DEVO”, then meet 3776 (currently consisting of a single member, Chiyono Ide ). They have considerately subtitled their MV in English.

NHK –WORLD wants to know who your current favorite artist is to feature them on an episode of “SONGS OF TOKYO”. Based on how well they did in the Best of 2021 voting, perhaps we should let them know about ANAL SEX PENiS ?

NHK’s "SONGS OF TOKYO" looking for your current favorite artists and artists to look out for in 2022! Fill out an entry form for a chance to be featured on our show! from jpop

A bunch of units gave us a New Year’s gift of a live PV, such as You’ll Melt More!

And RAY .

And even Kannagi Rabbits.

mzsrz is another example of a vocaloid P taking on music production for an idol unit. They have the backing of Avex but still have an indie feel.

Here’s a discovery from Ziensa over on the Homicidols Discord Server. This is Zetsubou no Pomeranian  (roughly, “Pomeranian of Despair”) that just celebrated it’s one-year anniversary.

Another new discovery by Chris, Aishuu TO momentum. Their sound reminds me a bit of SPARK SPEAKER, which means I like them.

Oshiloss Corner

Los An jewels lost their last remaining active member.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend and a Happy New Year !!