Your Homicidols Weekender #266: CHRISTMAS EDITION!!

We are now witnessing that rare conjunction that occurs only once every seven years where the Weekender and Christmas align to fall on the same day. So, Merry (or Happy) Christmas if you celebrate that kind of thing. Over in the Homicidols Discord Server, we’ve been collecting pics of idols in holiday cosplay so I snagged some of them and threw together a little X Mas e-card for everyone, just like Grandma used to make.

Also, this is the last weekend to vote for your Homicidols Best of 2021. Make sure you do that. Voting closes on Monday and winners will be announced next Friday just in time for New Years Eve.

Speaking of, NELN are up for several Best of 2021 awards but have already started making their case for 2022.

Everything ano does is near perfect.

Yua Uchiyama of RAY dropped this jazzy solo number.

O’CHAWANZ has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Last Live of their current system. If they raise ¥5,000,000 (~$45,000) they will play a dinner show in Vegas, so save that Christmas pocket money from grandma and put it towards bringing O’CHAWANZ to Sin City!!

This CUBΣLIC origin story should be optioned by Netflix.

LILii Kaona put together this Christmas dance for you.

Don’t ever forget how good CROSSNOESIS is.

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? There’s always the gift of new music!! There’s PIGGS new album, Nonamera’s new single, or how about the solo debut album from AYA EIGHTPRINCE?

Or how about NaNoMoRaL’s new EP?

kinopo just got even more interesting.

ATARASHII GAKKO! sampled a bunch of American junk food.

C;ON is an idol unit where members no only sing and dance, but also have members that play the baritone, sax, violin and piano. They recently sat down for this cover of “Akaneiro no Yakusoku”.

To switch moods, how about some live POPPiNG EMO.

Or their (other) sister group, NAP.

Or enjoy some PARADISES, currently made up of GO TO THE BEDS members

Oshiloss Corner

Paipai Dekami‘s name is graduating too, she’ll now be known as Dekami-chan. R.I.P. to the idol who’s name was more or less equivilent to Tits McGee.

Emma (formerly of Owaranaide, Yoru) has resurfaced on social media.

Yae is graduating from Broken By the Scream.

And BBTS have already announced her replacement (plus new costumes and a new album).

We had barely gotten done mourning the hiatus of MERRYBAD END when, they’re back!! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend and a Merry Idol X-Mas!!