Your Homicidols Weekender #263

End-of-the-year wrap-up season is officially upon us, so be sure to tell us your nominations for Homicidols Best of 2021. Nominations are open until this coming Friday, December 10th.

While it just barely missed the cut-off for consideration for this year’s awards, Minami of  WAGAMAMARAKIA’s side project, DEATHNYANN looks like a promising candidate for next year.

If you are still searching for suitable 2021 Debut of the Year candidates, might I suggest taking  a look at MAD JAMIE?

Contender for Best/Worst New-Unit Name of 2021, Special Cheese Menu have released their debut song.

Later today (or tonight, depending on your time zone) NECRONOMIDOL will be livestreaming candidates for next year’s Best Member Debut category.

Here’s PassCode destroying Zepp Haneda.

While EMPiRE did some damage to Makuhari Messe.

Metalcore, hip hop, idols in glasses: SHINGEKI gives us pretty much the best of everything.

This is quite possibly my favorite thing from the past week: mzsrz gives us an MV that tells the touching tale of two fish people. It’s the ending theme song to the dorama JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan. Disappointingly, the dorama has nothing to do with fish people.

NELN gives us another live PV. This time of one of my favorite of their songs, “Orange”. Can anyone tell me why there are so many Japanese songs named, “Orange”? Malcolm Mask Mclaren, Yanakoto Sotto Mute, SeedS and many others (including Hatsune Miku) also have a song called, “Orange”. Even anisong diva May’n just released a single named “Orange” as well. I find it odd that there are so many Japanese songs named after a borrowed English word that’s notorious for rhyming with nothing, so if you know the secret, please let me in on it.

Yurapico officially kicks off the season of idols in cute holiday costumes.

Amane Taruto from Pupa!! has released an excellent solo effort.

Not again! I just finished paying off the therapy bills for the trauma inflicted by the last Ikigusare MV.

ATARASHII GAKKO! fans translated their latest interview into English.

I don’t believe we’ve ever mentioned Benjamin Jasmine on this site before. They sound a bit like if BiSH focused entirely on the emo piano and orchestral rock tracks. While half of our readers just thought, “So they suck?”, for the other 50% who actually dig songs like “Orchestra” and “My landscape”,  they are definitely worth checking out.

Erisu has a new Goddess.

It’s more Miho live! We like Miho!

Here’s last week’s NILKLY one-man. 

Oshiloss Corner

Both Fone and Bew are leaving our favorite Thai idol unit, Fingers Cross.

Haruka, Narumi and Reina of notall say, “That’s all folks!”

It’s been one year since the announcement that broke our hearts forever.

Former Maison book girl, Aoi Yagawa will make us feel all better with this soothing song.

Have a Good Weekend!!

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  1. Nice to see Velka tacked on at the end there! I saw them one quiet week night at Club 251 in Tokyo early 2019 and they were great.

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