Your Homicidols Weekender #261

Hello and welcome to this week’s Homicidols Weekender! If you don’t know me I’m Cal and I’ve never written one of these before despite being here for 2 years. So um… hello!

As we move in to the end of the year it’s almost time for, you guessed it, end of year lists! Almost that is. We’ve got a few things to squeeze in before things are finalised because our favourite unending profit generating machine is still pumping out content for us to consume. And consume we shall! Content around here has been a little sparse for the past fortnight because various team members, unfortunately, have lives outside of the idolosphere. But, that’s one of the great things about being an idol fan, something is constantly happening!  Even when we can’t write, you guys are constantly tuned in to your favourites, posting about your favourites, informing us about your favourites.  Aint it wonderful?

That was a wee bit of a tangent but hey, Maniac liked to ramble so let’s consider this my turn to fan the flames. A lot happened in the past week, so let’s get into it.

First off, be sure to wish Hanako-san a happy birthday so she’ll be less likely to murder you in the toilet. 

If that didn’t wake you up, try some AdFicTioN

Alternativfesten 2021 featuring Sari, NEMLESS and GARUDA looked awesome.

Sari took the opportunity to do a shironuri photoshoot while in Sweden.

Meanwhile back in Japan, MELON BATAKE a gogo bravely soldiered on while Yuffie was overseas.

BiS released their version of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant’s “Smokin’ Billy” to tease their upcoming all-cover album, BiS DiVE into ROCKS.

ATTENTION!!: MIC RAW RUGA(laboratory) will henceforth be known as MIC RAW RUGA. That is all.

BiSH has been chosen to appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen, so there’s my New Years Eve plans sorted. This is a huge moment for this history books honestly: Kohaku typically hosts the tip top (read: most relevant) in Japanese entertainment so, after years of fans begging, BiSH are finally at their zenith. After a career of reaching various zeniths. Mountains don’t only have to have one peak y’know.

Ui of SIPP dropped her second solo track.

Yukkyun of Cinema & Boy CQ dropped a solo track as well!

Meanwhile, it seems Aina the End drops another solo track every five minutes.

I am THIS close to being all-in on THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO.

NELN dropped few PVs on their YouTube channel this week. They also dropped some less wonderful news you can catch up on below. 

The members of RAY frequently have crowdfunded individual solo projects that they rally support to help them undertake, but Kai Marino embarked on one that’s especially unique: She visited a farm to participate in sweet potato harvesting! (Tsukihi and Kotoyama came along too!) Aside from immersing herself in the vocation of digging for root vegetables, she’ll also be rewarding her supporters with hand-picked sweet potatoes and special potato-themed rewards. Beats the heck out of a plain ol’ t-shirt!

Evenyan Roller Coaster’s (She was a member of Kit Kat) celebrated her birthday with a pretty amazing live bandset that included covering DEVO,  so yeah it was pretty much the best thing ever!!

Meme Tokyo dropped a few live videos in the wake of their new single!

MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN posted a dance practice video for their recent single “KiNOU WA MODORANAi!” They also posted Kaedephoenix’s bathroom routine but we’ll leave you to find that yourself. We’re a family friendly site here.

Oshiloss Corner

I had just nominated them for “Most Likely to Breakthrough in 2022”, so of course NELN is losing member MAO in January (for the record: I picked Zombie Powder as “Most Likely to Breakthrough in 2021”, so I should probably just stop now).

So if you would like to join one of the best units in chika idol, now is your chance.

predia is disbanding, which means that Bed In have now corned the underground, sexy, 30-something idol market. 

Palette Cleanser

Task have Fun are unique in a number of ways, but did you realize that they have now gone six years without a line-up change? That is practically unheard of around here, so they have been volunteered to serve as this week’s oshiloss cleanser.

Have a Good Weekend!!