Your Homicidols Weekender #260

I have been on vacation this past week so it would seem like I have plenty of time to keep up on idol world news. Unfortunately, between travel time and spending two days at Head in the Clouds festival (during which my phone turned into a incommunicative brick) I feel like I’m way behind and may never catch up.  I would just check out The Weekender to bring myself up to speed except that I’m now responsible for putting the thing together (with the help of Team, who were equally overwhelmed this week). So now we find ourselves in a bit of an ouroboros of idol news. 

I guess what I’m saying is, sorry if I miss anything this week. A LOT happened and I wasn’t always paying attention. Here’s some of what I did catch:

Sari, our Eternal Queen, has blessed us with a new release.

Our shironuri majesty then jetted off to Sweden where she joined NEMLESS and GARUDA for Alternativfesten.

One hour before this article is scheduled to post, 1009-Thank You posted their debut video on their brand new You Tube channel. Like and Subscribe!!

You will have four chances to catch PassCode on J-Melo today via NHK WORLD.

Everyone in Team chat agrees: Rinako Asiu is the real deal and we need to be paying attention to this young artist.

KAQRIYOTERROR dropped their latest single. The B side is fire as well.

This may be the best PV I’ve seen all year. Beautiful, powerful and pretty much quintessential NEO JAPONISM.

Wanna see MIGMA SHELTER channel Rob Halford and drive a motorcycle onstage to kick off “69”? Was that a dumb question?

We are SO hoping for innes to fill the Gu-Gu LULU-shaped holes in our hearts.

Who has shiny new ice-cream-colored costumes and puts the pop in punk? WOWOW it’s Malcolm Mask McLaren

CYNHN literally just dropped this song as I was typing.

Whatcha gonna do now? KAMIKAZE SENSATION‘s gonna slay this Limp Bizkit cover.

In the wake of their successful US debut at Head in The Clouds, ATARASHII GAKKO! have had a busy week dropping both a new EP (SNACKTIME), a new MV, and still had enough energy left over to power California’s electric grid.

Ringwanderung just keeps getting better.

Are we still mad at Kaiju By Me

This may be your last chance to snag a copy of this limited edition cassette from Fingers Cross.

With the motto, “Love and inferiority complexes save the world!??”, class of 2021’s kinopo may be the most adorable new unit in chika idol.

Miko idols Kannagi Rabbits dropped a new MV.

Oshiloss Corner

After pulling off the first successful overseas tour of the post-COVID era, there was trouble brewing for NECRONOMIDOL when they arrived back home. Because some people are horrible human beings, Nana Kamino has resigned from NECROMA and all other idol actives. In wake of the announcement, it was nice to see 98% of comments showing positive support for Nana. You all are awesome!!

Gordon, featuring Con (formerly CoCoCo of Tsurezure) has announced the release date for their first full album.

Speaking of Yukueshirezutsurezure veterans, here’s Shidare getting her ears pierced by Chu-yame (formerly Tsuyame).

Oshiloss Cleanser

Let’s scrub our brains of oshiloss with this trad bop from ≠ME.

Have a Good Weekend!


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  1. That Kamikaze Sensation cover and Malcolm Mask McLaren in the same update is kind of making me think a compilation album of idol groups covering Y2K and mid-2000s nu metal and pop punk songs would be a really fun thing.

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