Your Homicidols Weekender #26

Happy Saturday, you weirdos! I have some nice pieces for the weekend, and also an incredible mystery, and I’ll go ahead and tease the next community activity by mentioning that there’s going to be a community activity organized by Brian!. Basically, things have lined up well.

But how are you? It’s been a weird spring here around Maniac Mansion, and currently chilly and rainy after we inexplicably had 80-degree days in February and March, and I fear that actual jungle societies will begin to spring up in the back yard between now and when I’ll finally get to mow the lawn again, but you’ll have that. I hope you’re enjoying 100 Days of Tsurezure, and of course the Fun is still up for your creative grabs.

Neat day ahead. And wow, we’re now halfway to a year’s worth of Weekenders. Have mercy.

Wherein the Week’s Margins Are More Interesting Than the Details

Necroma let the fans decide their setlist by picking favorites. What do you think?

Also, all of the Guso Drop members wanted to be like Sari; Sari wants to be like senpai:

This former NMB48 member got herself a band!

There There Theres hit #1:

More from Tenten:

This is awesome (if you have a Japanese keyboard):

A little Broken by the Scream member art for you?

It was Chitti’s birthday, so PassCode’s Nao fangirled over her buddy a little:

I agree entirely.

This video though.

Check out Ishido Natsumi in action:

Or is Mary’s Blood (not idol!) more your thing?

The last time I looked hard at Dorothy Little Happy, they were having slap fights with the BiS Quintet. But they have this new video!

Have a great weekend!