Your Homicidols Weekender #259

Our Team Homicidols chieftain Daemon is out doing cool stuff in real life, so this Weekender edition intro is being guest-written by myself, (supreme nothing) who feels very weird writing this in third person.

I’ll admit to ya’ll a little something, I don’t always get to read every single article on this site in real time, and sometimes I miss things on here entirely, but one thing I always make sure I do read is the Weekender every Saturday morning, usually on the back porch with some coffee. I’m a lover of ritual, and I find that consistency calming and relaxing. I enjoy the Weekender because not only is it a nifty little recap of things I may have missed, but I also enjoy the intertwining of everyday existential philosophy that gets mixed in with all the idol chatter as one reads the intros. I don’t know if any of you get the same feeling, but I hope you do, or at least get your own positive thing out of this every Saturday. 

What is this blog to you readers? I’d imagine it’s the “news” for some of you, and maybe for others it’s “hot takes”, and maybe oftentimes it’s just good silly fan-driven fun. You can get all of those things from here I’d like to think. But for me, (even before I started contributing) this place has been a little bit of comfort food in an occasionally frustratingly loud and anxious world. The Team means the world to me, and this community makes me all-too-happy to share silly/weird/fun/dumb/inspring/quirky things that we can enjoy together. I love the sense of belonging in our mutual fandom love as much as I like actual idols. Thank goodness for all of you. Thank goodness for idols. Thank goodness for idols bringing us together. 

It’s the weekend. Let’s do this! 

Let’s start with this literally-just-added-at -the-last-minute bit of news… Yurasmile joining APOKALIPPPS!!!! Can you think of a more perfect casting ? Congrats to Yura, congrats to the group, and congrats to us for getting to live on the same planet with them…


Yuua from RAY continues her review series of essential albums with a madchester classic we all know and love! But she’s not the first idol to sing Happy Monday’s  praises

Yes, the new PIGGS MV probably deserved a full article this week. No, we ran out of time.

Cinema & Boy CQ just turned 5 years old.

Gyuzo has released a preview for IDOL NEVER DIES, the crowdfunded zombie/idol film featuring many of Homicidols favorites and is scheduled for theatrical release in Spring 2022.

INUWASI have dropped their first full album. We suggest listening to it repeatedly.

NECRONOMIDOL finished their first European tour since the begin of the COVID era proving that it can be done so, all other units, take note and hit the road please!

FAREWELL, MY L.u.v. isn’t actually saying farewell, but rather they’re saying hello with a reboot!

The perpetually underrated CYNHN released a couple of live videos this week from their -AOAWASE- tour.

Ano with a new MV of her indie-rock-band thing. The song is an earnest message to keep on going and keep on dreaming, and that’s something we can all use…

Here’s the best evidence yet that we need to keep an eye on THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO.

There’s a very small number of those Fingers Cross cassette tapes left!!!

ATARASHI GAKKO! (who make their US debut at Head in the Clouds festival later today) translated the Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” into Japanese phonetically and came up with this brilliant nonsense.


Have a Good Weekend!