Your Homicidols Weekender #258

It is Halloween weekend, and there are lots of holiday shows happening including free livestreams from RILISREVERSE, Broken By the Scream, Kannagi Rabbits and ERISU + RUKATAMA.

In the spirit of the season, I will tell you a scary story:

One sunny afternoon, you are casually scrolling your Twitter feed when an unexpected tweet from you favorite idol unit suddenly appears. It is all text. No image. No emojis. No exclamation points. Just sober hiragana and unrecognized kanji. You select the ominous missive, holding your breath as you click, Translate Tweet. The translation appears:

“We have an important announcement later today at XX:00.”

You check your world clock and do a quick calculation. Converting to local time, the announcement will be unleashed at midnight, the witching hour. “No. It couldn’t be,” you try to reassure yourself, “An announcement can be anything. A tour. A single.” But you’ve lived through this before. Remember BURST GIRL? Tsurezure? Yuna? Those wounds haven’t yet fully healed yet the instruments that struck those blows were preceded by these same portentous words: “We have an important announcement…”  

A creeping sense of dread grows as the sun sets. You’re scheduled to work at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, but that doesn’t matter. You must stay awake until midnight, gather your strength and steel yourself to endure whatever this announcement brings.  As the night creeps slowly towards the appointed hour, you turn on tweet notifications and try to distract yourself by bingeing crap TV. The effort proves pointless as a palpable sense of dread permeates each minute that crawls by.

Midnight strikes. You desperately refresh your Twitter feed.



12:02… …12:05…  …Your eyelids droop as a glimmer of hope grows in your chest. Perhaps the night will pass without incident?

A notification chirp from your phone jolts you awake: “You have a new tweet from…”

OK!! Sorry. I need to stop there. This story is getting a bit too real seeing as we experienced these scares in the flesh several times this week. It was the WEEK OF IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTS!! (which definitely did not include these petty fluffernutters) preceded by traumatizing “important news” tweets from PIGGS, ZOC, Codomomental and others. Yanakoto Sotto Mute and 1009-thank you- at least couched their language by assuring us that their imminent announcements would be “nice news”. I wish some other managers would take note of that courtesy (I’m looking at you Codomomental-San).

Luckily, this week also brought us the first official MV from Craveit who are incredibly effective at cleansing away negativity or any sense of impending dread.   You may not have known it, but electro-swing idol is a thing and you need it in your life.

Still experiencing a lingering sense of disquieting gloom? 1009 -thank you- have dropped their debut digital single which should take care of that.

Still in need of even some cleansing catharsis? PassCode gave us this great song to break stuff to.

ANNOUNCEMENT: As briefly mentioned above, ERISU, StryGo! and very special guest RUKATMA  are having a Halloween livestream today! 8:30 pm Italian time which translates to 3:30 am in Japan or 2:30 pm Eastern time U.S.

For more Halloween fun, Fingers Cross, our favorite socially conscious shoegaze idols from Thailand, are releasing a two-part horror movie.

Cinder-ella has been around for a little bit but just got around to launching their YouTube channel. Like and subscribe!

INUWASI may have gone more mellow for their latest tracks, but they are no less good.

IMPORTANT NEWS!!: Sari, our eternal Queen, is releasing a new song in November.

MERRY BAD END may be going on hiatus, but GENSOU BAD END (no relation) have just dropped their first MV.

NOTICE!!: BiS will be releasing an album of cover songs including “GOOD GIRL” by Takeshi Ueada of MAD CAPSULE MARKETS and “Gimmee Chocolate” fame.

meme tokyo channel some fierce 90s hip hop.

BREAKING!! NECRONIMIDOL have conquered France.

NEWS FLASH!!: ZOC is basically pulling a GANG PARADE and splitting into zoc and ZOC.  zoc = Karen, Marina, Maro, and Nodoka while ZOC will be Seiko Oomori, Riko and some new members to be named in mid December. Just smile, nod and pretend to understand.

SUZUKA of ATARASHII GAKKO! gave us a nice video essay of her extended stay in the U.S. earlier this year.

Aina the End was quick to hop on Craveit’s electro swing bandwagon. 

HO6LA continue their practice of giving us at least one new video per week.

twinpale only debuted this year but still just released a REUNION MV. 

Oshiloss Corner

Oh, bother! We’re losing another O’Chawanz and activities may end in March? It’s all very unclear and sad right now.

KATY (ex. ZOC) now has a band called Haze who are quickly becoming one of my new favorite things.

REMO and KAGUYA have taken themselves out of the running for a piece of SIPP’s potential Debut of the Year award.

In related news, SIPP have added a new member so the quartet that was down to a solo act is now back up to a duo.

Happy Halloween!!

Go see NECRONOMIDOL if you’re in Germany.

Have a Good Weekend