Your Homicidols Weekender #257

It seems like everyone’s doing solo and side projects lately. Like, it used to be the “Warring Idol Period”, but now we’ve entered the “Warring Solo Project Period”. We recently learned of Himari’s debut as a soloist, then Ayuni D ended PEDRO  just to reveal that her side project had a side project, and then there is Aina the End who seems to drop a new solo track every other day.

Not that I’m complaining, especially when someone like perpetual kami-oshi candidate Kakizaki Risaki of MANACLE (HAPPY BIRTHDAY OKAKI!!) gives us a solo song like this: 

Chitti (BiSH) also unveiled her newest musical side project:  SPiCE TRAVELERS, a band formed with her fellow cohost from the food program of the same name, Makoto Sakurai of Dragon Ash.

And while we’re talking about idols on their own, Ibuki Sala of NILKLY kicked off her birthday live with a solo dance choreographed to Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s “Stain”.

Bucking the trend, Itsuka (The rapping half of the defunct and sorely missed duo Charisma(dot)com) got tired of being on her own and joined the new collective Dadada!(Not to be confused with dai dai dai, and the exclamation point is part of their name.) Here’s a short MV for a new song, featuring Karin from TEMPURA KIDZ

14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San is holding her second-ever online cheki session in 444 years. Will Hanako-san murder you in the toilet if you don’t participate? I bought 4 just to be safe.

MELON BATAKE a gogo invited some friends for a Gynou Fes at Studio Coast memorial.

LiLii Koana are livestreaming their 4th Anniversary One-Man later today/tonight (depending on your time zone) to promote the upcoming release of their new EP, SHION.

Have we talked about Hachimitsu BLACK yet? This is Hachimitsu BLACK:

Another member of the exemplary class of 2021, meet “retropop, alternative, electro girls group” YUP YUP.

PassCode are giving us reasons to go see them live. I don’t need any more reasons, I just need an end to international travel restrictions…

9DayzGlitchClubTokyo revived my memories of nights dancing like crazy until last call in the club. I’m not about to admit how many years ago that was…

Codomomental-san is a tease.

Absolute little devil Ano has blessed us with this high energy number.

Be sure to support friend-of-Homicidols Chaotic Harmony’s crowd funding project  to spread J-Music across the world.

Mani Mani (Yanakoto Sotto Mute) got blocked on TikTok for killing a teddy bear.

Kotetsu and Kasane of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. have pre-emptively won every Halloween costume contest on the planet with their kawaii super-twin pumpkins, so don’t even bother.

Now that the UK leg of NECRONOMIDOL’s cursebreaker tour is done, let’s give thanks to all those heroes behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, NECROMA have reached Sweden for the next stop on the tour.

Poppy loves Boris and Lesley Gore. We love Poppy.

Ringwanderung is on a different level entirely. Here’s an hour of definitive evidence:

Oshiloss Corner

Chuyame  and Shida-chan (formerly Tsuyame and Shidare of Yukueshirezutsurezure) are joining forces for Chuyame’s birthday.

MERRY BAD END will be going on hiatus in a couple of weeks, but you can join them for one last livestream before their break.

N・Feni (the artist formerly known as YONEKO) will, unfortunately, not be visiting the U.S. to take part in SXSW.


Have a Good Weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #257

  1. Kind of a shame. 2021 giveth with stuff like situasion (a strong contender to for both Rookie of the Year and MVP) and Craveit, then taketh away with Burst Girl (my favorite group), Zombie Powder (because let’s be real, hiatus = done) and now MxE.

    • For sure. I’m still recovering from Tsurezure’s disbandment, then Spark Speaker, Maison book girl and Owa Yoru. At the same time, the Class of 2021 is the strongest we’ve had in years if not ever. The competition for Debut of the Year is staggering.

      • I keep dreading that I’ll eventually see the Announcement Tweet for groups like DAIDAIDAI, XOXO EXTREME or We=MUKASHIBANASHI.

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