Your Homicidols Weekender #253

It’s the weekend before TIF and over here at Homicidols house we’re all still bracing ourselves for a world without BURST GIRL. I’d say it’s been a rough year for disbandments but, let’s get real, it’s always a rough year. That is the ephemeral and transitory nature of idol, the genre we have voluntarily consigned ourselves to. But even with the ever looming sense of loss, we also reside in perpetual hope, for every time idol shuts a door, it opens a window.

Because, sure, one day we might lose a beloved unit, but the next day someone like CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL comes back!!

Goodday is one of those units that deserve so much more attention than we give them. Case in point:

WAGAMAMA RAKIA continue their trend of kicking our butts on a weekly basis.

With BURST GIRL disbanding soon, Yurapico got nostalgic for the good old days of her idol debut with Guso Drop but, seriously, were any of us ever this young?

We like Miho. Here’s 22 minutes of Miho live.

Chika idol rap trailblazers MIC RAW RUGA(laboratory)  move in only one direction.

CHILDISH TONES played their first live show in a really long time and Beni Usakura joined them on stage!

twinpale are commanding a ton of attention for a unit that has yet to officially debut.

NEO JAPONISM are practicing their crowd control techniques for next weekend’s TIF appearance.

I don’t know much about (relatively) new HEROINES unit BLK LiLiY except that they can belt, and I learned that from this clip.

Calling all You’ll Melt More! fans:

Rin of XOXO EXTREME is lending her violin to momograci’s one-man live. Livestream tickets are available.

EP-of-the-Year candidates SIPP gave us a taste of how their debut one-man live went just prior to them becoming a trio.

In related news…

Oshiloss Corner

Two of the three remaining members of SIPP PISS off.

Don’t forget to snag your ticket to the BURST GIRL Dissolution livestream so we can all weep together.

KOTO checked in to make our day better! She’s working in the medical field, including assisting with vaccinations. So while she may no longer be an idol, she’s still helping human beings survive in this crazy world…

Koshouji Megumi, formerly of BiS and Maison book girl, also re-emerged to brighten our day, and will be debuting a new project at Tokyo Idol Festival next month!

Have a Good Weekend!


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