Your Homicidols Weekender #252

It’s been a packed week for me with work and school and fancy idol blogging. Our visionary founder is still off on his honeymoon and Team is starting to realize that, between the six of us, we can almost do the work of one Maniac.

In addition to working on refreshing some of the static content around the site, we have started the planning for the annual Best of the Year competition. We are up to 179 potential candidates for Best Single alone, so things might get a bit nuts . I can’t wait!

In the meantime…

WAGAMAMA RAKIA keep giving us what we’re all here for.

While Jyujyu say what we’re all thinking.

Save the date: KAQRIYOTERROR are broadcasting a free livestream with special guest, Nonamera (fmr. KAQRIYOTERROR)

Meanwhile, if you can get to Sweden this November, you can see GARUDA, NEMLESS and our eternal Queen SARI in person.

Earlier this week we treated you to current You’ll Melt More ! member Nerun’s trio of solo MVs, and now we have this offering from post-YMM! member Ano

And also late last week, Younapi debuted a new song written by none-other than Urbangarde’s Temma with an arrangement assist from RAM RIDER! Talk about a power trio!

AQBI is holding auditions! Placement opportunities are for MIGMA SHELTER, NILKLY, and a brand new group in the planning stages.  Of  course, while this is exciting, it also brings us to speculate on….. who’s possibly graduating???

What’s Hanako-San up to? OHWP!! She’s down!!

How about some dub step in your EMPiRE?

Check out this Broken by The Scream cover of Napalm Death’s “You Suffer”. It’ll only take a second.

Seoul-based NEKIRU are so good.

And speaking of Korean idols, you should support Kizuna Simulation‘s new Bandcamp page! While the group might not be the exactly the sort of idols we usually talk about on Homicidols(dot)com, they’re quite terrific and well worth your time!


While over in Europe, the Goddesses of ERISU introduced their sister witches: StryGo!

A wingless NILKLY? Am I dreaming?

Marina from RAY designed a shoegaze specialized guitar pedal.

Meanwhile, ATARASHII GAKKO’s guide to making music involves kitchen utensils.

SHINGEKI would like to tell you a little bit about themselves.


SPARK SPEAKER!! We will miss you so! crying emoji

FAREWELL, MY L.u.v reboot? Yes please!! fire emoji

To recover from oshiloss, here’s some kinopo to make you happy.


Friend of Homicidols Sally Amaki out here dropping truth bombs.

Have a Good Weekend!!