Your Homicidols Weekender #251

Welcome to week two of the Dae Era of Homicidols. So far I’ve managed to do a little maintenance on the navigation menus and updated the About page.  Nothing too exciting, but it’s all about progress not perfection, right? The highlight of my short tenure in the captain’s chair by far has been when, for the first time ever, Pour Lui liked one of my tweets. Now I’m worried that I may have peaked too soon. My apologies if it’s all downhill from here.

Many other things happened this week in idol (both good and bad). Here’s some of it:

Juju made a very excellent video and you should watch it.

Miho’s debut single is very good and you should listen to it.

MIGMA SHELTER is streaming Mimimiyu’s birthday live for free, so you have no excuse.

INUWASI gave us an excellent sample of what to expect on their imminent album drop.

ATARASHII GAKKO! give us a preview of what to expect from their upcoming US debut at  Head in the Clouds.

WARNING: In case of an emergency, please apply You’ll Melt More.

Fresh off their August debut, meet HACHIMITSU BLACK:

Perpetual friend of Homicidols, Temma (URBANGARDE) is composing for twinpale, one the most highly anticipated debuts of the year.

SAKA-SAMA lent guest-vocals on a new song by the rock duo Salan! The song is really good and the MV (In which our SAKA’s star as digital avatars) is a fascinating mash of fun digital whimsy and mildly unsettling nightmare fuel…

NELNPOPPiNG EMO and some other familiar names from the chika idol scene landed spots on an idol competition TV show.

Kanano‘s newest MV is a visual treat for both Y2K lovers and butt enthusiasts.

Oshiloss Corner


Ayuni D (BiSH) solo project PEDRO announced an indefinite hiatus following their current tour final.

Kawaii metal project IRONBUNNY is calling it quits.

As is Jekyll & Hyde.


Former BABYMETAL Avenger Riho dropped another PV from her debut live as a soloist.

Have a good weekend!!