Your Homicidols Weekender #250

We have reached an auspicious milestone: Weekender #250 which shall also serves as my very first as el jefe de Homicidols. “250” is such a nice round number, it almost seems like a considerable amount of foresight and strategic planning went into the Homicidols handover, so let’s pretend like that’s exactly how we operate around here. I have been meaning to post a more formal message regarding the soft site takeover, but it turned out to be a horrible week for finding time to put together thoughtful messages about the future of the website, especially when the overall plan is for things to work a lot like they have in the past.  Those of us in the US have a three-day weekend ahead of us, so I am looking forward to catching up on a few things around here. In the meantime, the idol world keeps spinning.

FOR THE RECORD: Chaotic Harmony are awesome people with oodles of integrity and who only deserve nice things. I can’t imagine anyone saying otherwise, but people continue to disappoint.

NEO JAPONISM launches the NJU with “GAN GAN HERO!!!!!”

GARUDA’s recent album is now available via your streaming music provider of choice:

I scream, you scream, CYNHN ruminates on lonely memories inspired by the taste of ice cream.

YUP YUP: Come for the ridiculous name, stay for the ridiculously-good 90s-inspired techno.

SIPP is looking for new members so if you ever wanted to belong to a contender for Homicidols Debut of the Year, here’s your chance:

EMPiRE have announced the release date of their third album.

Post-YMM! Ano has been doing a bunch of photoshoots lately and releasing solo things here and there, but it looks like she’s fit in some time to rock out as well…

LiLii Kaona continues to be one of the best things on the planet.

The ultra-hip nuance and Ringwanderung joined forces to create super unit Rinnuwannurunnu. I’d say, “Take my money”, but they streamed this for free:

Oshiloss Corner

Shirahata Ichiho has gone solo, with a drastically different look, sound and name from her Gokigen Teikoku days:

Today, Mikoto from Rilisreverse (who you might remember as Me from Hamidasystem and Popo Popo Po Popo Jr from Migma Shelter) will be performing her last lives at the group’s LELIC 02 performance and their special Liberator’s Night (Liberators are Rilisreverse fans and Liberator’s Night is a regular special event where the girls all pick an outfit theme and hold a small talk event in addition to a mini live). Not many indie idols can say they’ve had that long of a career while maintaining such a strong, dedicated fanbase so we’ll be missing her for sure!

Aoi Yagawa, formerly of Maison book girl , has announced her return to music.

10 years and 36 graduates later, Sakura Gakuin closes it’s school house doors.

BABYMETAL Avenger and Sakura Gakuin graduate Momoko was eliminated from idol survival competition, Girls Planet 999.

Have a good Weekend!!