Your Homicidols Weekender #249

Good morning! It’s a special one here at Maniac Mansion — or, more specifically, a hotel room about 100 miles from Maniac Mansion. Your faithful proprietor is getting married today. Sorry ladies! But I write from the hotel where I’m sequestered away from my extremely awesome partner until this afternoon, when we finally get to tie the knot. There are some resulting things afoot, but this is neither the time nor the place. Instead, I’ll simply reference that being around a lot of not-that-well acquaintances means explaining two things, those being my tattoos and my “J-pop website,” which in this particular group happens to include the mother of one of the mods from the Sakura Gakuin subreddit. Don’t ask me how any of that makes sense, it just always seems to.

This is an awesome weekend, and I’m really excited to get down to it. And I hope you have a blast of your own!

Only If There’s Dancing

Is the community still as into BiSH as we all used to be? You new kids might appreciate a full-ass live:

New single and tour from ANAL SEX PENiS:

I wasn’t as into SZWARC as originally hoped, but this is pretty good:


Even neater!

Probably not the thing any of her fans ever thought they’d get from MAINA:

Hey yandoll, tell us you’re disinterested in choreography without telling us you’re disinterested in choreography:

Following up on that Last Question MV with a live clip:

And one from 99% LOVER:

Only a slight increase in quality for Kimi no Mawari:

Meanwhile you wouldn’t want to see O’CHAWANZ any other way:

I just want to see JyuJyu at all:

Maybe a few more of you all will get behind the Spiritwalker acts:

Have a great weekend!