Your Homicidols Weekender #248

Good morning! Has life treated you kindly this week? I mean, in the context of *waves hands at nothing in particular*. I’m excited, personally, because a whole bunch of things are coming to a head. Big changes afoot! And for a person who’s easily defined as “set in his ways, does not like change,” that I’m anything other than completely terrified is a genuinely nice feeling.

After the way last week ended, it’s also nice to have just kind of a straightforward, comfortable body of extra stuff to make a Weekender. Despite a bit of pre-TIF quiet, our scene is still bursting with energy and lots of (mostly) good things. Take advantage! Find the things you like, and open yourself up to liking new things. If there’s one thing idol’s good at, it’s always having lots of new things.

That’s What You Think Idol’s Good At?

Hey! We got Team all up in this feature, plus lots of other good stuff that you should read and follow:

Can you even imagine?

Next week!

We lost ourselves a SIPP:

Aina did thing:

Finally got goals:

Upon discovering that I had not in any way acknowledged this the mishmash MV despite sharing their RT campaign to release it, I … I dunno, kinda hate it:

I’m sure that nothing bad will happen at all during these joint auditions for BiS and ANAL SEX PENiS:

When the hell did QPPO get so many members?

I started to write an Idol in Focus for MAJESTIC MATES here, only to discover that there really wasn’t anything notable about this:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Satanic Punish because apparently manager-san can’t just do announcements in concert. After last week celebrating their split with DEARDEVIL, now we get a trailer of sorts …

… followed by this news about yet another single:

It’s all good. Satanic Punish owns.

After akugi dropped this the other day, I listened to it like 30 times and never once had any idea of what to say about it:

Live clip of Dan te Lion:

And Devil ANTHEM:



And NightOwl:

And Lil na Valley:


And Misolade Edison even though I don’t think we’ve ever talked about them before:

And, finally, CYNHN:

Remember, Kindan no Tasuketsu is far beyond idol, but never far beyond the Weekender:

Have a great weekend!