Your Homicidols Weekender #247

Good morning! I’m all the way back this week — it wasn’t until late last Friday that I realized my abode for the weekend had no wi-fi and I’m too dang old to try to make these posts work in mobile browsers anymore — and while the Weekender is fine and good and this one full of things, I must admit to still being shook about that thing yesterday. It’s like the first time you read from Capital and realize that Santa’s elves are effectively slaves, except without ironic humor.

But anyway, allow me to note that your keeping up an interest in Japanese music, up to and including and especially idol, is still perfectly fine. Toxic personalities and abusive practices (hell, and structures) don’t go away because you stop paying attention to them; you follow this stuff because you care about it and the people who do it, so it stands to reason that you’d want to be part of shining lights on examples good and bad and insisting on better.

And with that out of the way, let’s make the most we can out of a few days with no work and lots of opportunity to do the things we enjoy. We earned it!

Earned What?

Two hours of MIGMA SHELTER, anyone?

OMG Satanic Punish and DEARDEVIL are doing a split EP:

Here’s apparently the whole Erisu back story:

Little reminder that XTEEN exists:

Likewise MANACLE:


When Yurapico met C-Style:

Support Wonder Lander like I know you want to and spread this far and wide:

If you like idols and video games, the current iteration of Last Question might be for you!

Reminder: This is headed to Budokan:

New single from REBEL REBEL:


And Devil ANTHEM:

And so that you don’t forget to go listen to their new album, Ringwanderung:

Go stream yourself some GRATIA-ALA!

And Finally!

I don’t know how you make Task have Fun boring, but here you go:

Here’s Kamikaze SENSATION doing a couple of different Babymetal covers:

And while we’re on the subject of covers, here’s NELN:

It’s a blessing to live in the same world as Philosophy no Dance:

Have a great weekend!