Your Homicidols Weekender #246

Hi!  Merry Weekend!  Maniac is away so the rest of the team have had to finish off the Weekender.  There’s normally a rambling intro here but let’s dispense with that and get on with things shall we?


Here’s a compilation from the DESURABBITS finale:

MAMESHiBA also have some fun live footage for us:

Stop stalking idols, you fucking dorks:

Here’s your choice to join Erisu:

RIPLIE gone before we barely knew them:

Boogie with the mishmash

Roll up for the You’ll Melt More! crowdfunder!

Farewell to WACK’s subculture gal, Utauuta

“Hey, how’s BOSS doing?”

Yes, Nade, very intimidating, thank you:

And we hope Aina and Chitti from BiSH get well soon!

Because, my god!

SIPP dropped the most highly anticipated EP in Homicidols history.

MIC RAW RUGA(laboratory) continue their run of excellence.

THE BANANA MONKEYS break our hearts again.

But we healed them with Ano.


Have a great weekend!