Your Homicidols Weekender #243

Good morning! I’m so tired, gang. Yes, somewhat hung over, but tired for having put what feels like weeks’ worth of work into just the past few days. ‘Tis the season at Day Job, and though I’m much better at managing the stress than I was in previous years, it’s still a lot. Upshot: I probably won’t pull a months-long disappearing act again! But yeah, sucks, this was actually a pretty interesting week in idol and I feel like I missed it.

So yeah, not the hottest Weekender ever, but I mean it when I say that I hope you have much more interesting and stimulating things to do anyway. Like reading our latest installment in the top 50 albums! But also things that aren’t idol-related. Idol is great in lots of ways … and so are many other things. That’s not a “touch some grass” kind of admonition, by the way, just saying that live is richer for diversity in experience.

And with that said, it’s time to try to blog some posts about idols!

That’s What You Always Say

Always good to see Rie Kaneko solo projects:

This looks amazing:

Really great Sakijo MV:

And from Philosophy no Dance:

It’s great to see that the do-it-all-let’s-get-bloody ethos of idol extends to Thailand:

I have no idea why Cal thinks AYUNi D can’t sing:

New Aina collaboration:


Somebody please help me eventually make a pilgrimage to heavy sick Zero:

Fellow Q’ulle fans still feeling spurned by their dissolution can take some solace in this nice dance work from Manaco and Yakko:

We must ensure Haru’s absolute safety:

New Codomomental unit on the way, go audition!

Sharing this one for my dudes behind Codomomental as well

Neat joint live between KAMIKAZE SENSATION and Hime Kyun Fruit Can:

Please go away forever, COVID, so we can have lots more video of XOXO EXTREME:

And of course Shihatsu-machi Underground:

Big-ass Aphrodite live:

Ins and outs for Dorodoro:

Jesus Christ:

Have a great weekend!