Your Homicidols Weekender #241

Good morning! It’s a holiday weekend here in the USA, the kind of three-day affair that you genuinely get jazzed about. I’m not even referring to the usual independence whoozat; I’m just talking about an extended chance to kick it and see to the kinds of positive personal matters that always have to take a back seat. Enjoy it, friends.

Idol summer is firmly underway (if you hadn’t noticed). There’s an absolute embarrassment of cool things to watch and listen to, and some really big-hitting releases still pending on the calendar. Even with the lurking pandemic issues and goodness knows no shortage of other awfulness to draw one’s deserved attention, it’s been a pretty solid damn year in idol. I’ve been enjoying it, at least. Also enjoying the early stages of a big project that Team is putting together.

And I enjoyed making this Weekender! It’s full of good stuff!


From the Yanakoto Sotto Mute anniversary live:

Can you imagine a world tour by XOXO EXTREME:

I wasn’t sure that anybody would get around to the new one from TOKYO Tefutefu, so here:

Ha ha Babymetal money printing machine go brrrr:

Oh man, Ringwanderung is so damn good:

If you like your idols on the trad side, Worl’s End is releasing an album this week:

It’s curtains for Full Power Girls R:

More new stuff coming from Erisu:

A little early for Halloween, but it’s all good:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Candy GO!GO! and for a different reason than usual. Their new single is out next week …

… and listening to it got me thinking how interesting it is that this extremely long-tenured unit (well into their 11th year!) has found a relative degree of success by never quite being any one thing. They rocked just enough early on to stand out while punk and metal started to take over the chika scene, and then embraced a harder sound for a while to better bridge the gap, and now are all the way back to being Lite Rock Idol or however you’d want to call it. Still interesting in its own way, different from what they were doing even fairly recently, but astutely finding a niche in a bigger scene.

And with that, I also got to thinking how few true Rock Idol units ever existed. HKFC spent a few good years being the boss thereof, and Q’ulle started off that way before going a bit poppier in their last couple of years. And that’s kind of it! Everything else has been some genre spin or more of a pop-rock thing than something you’d play adjacent to a playlist filled with the Foos and late Van Halen and stuff. And damn do I miss it!

Anybody else a little terrified that somehow these four weirdos managed to get across the border to record themselves dancing in the desert?

New DEARDEVIL track!

And, uh, literally speaking of the devil, here’s Satanic Punish:

I was just thinking the other day that it’s been too long since we heard from Sugarpills:


No idea who this No Plan group is but they’re in my queue all of a sudden:

Nice clip of our favorite shut-in idols at work:

This is what happens when you feed idols after midnight:

Have a great weekend!