Your Homicidols Weekender #24

I felt seriously irresponsible this week, you guys, and we wound up doing a bunch of stuff anyway! I think I got good feedback on the whole who’d-be-fun-to-follow thing, though feel free to input if you haven’t, and of course continue to screw around with the Fun.

The Week That Was, or Was It?

Did you see that those of us in North America can finally get “bite the bullet”?

None of us are good enough to live in the same world as Dots:


There continues to be new material from RABBITS Lab, and I continue to have no idea what’s going on with it:

I don’t know what was happening earlier in the week, but there was some kind of “let’s introduce ourselves!” video trend. Here’s just a couple, because I’m not hunting them all down, you weirdos.

Speaking of introductions, the The Indiest Idols in the World are adding a couple of new members … soon?

What do you think of Garry’s Maison Book Girl review?

C/o Terry and his group, here’s Neu from JyuJyu doing idol work that has nothing to do with doom or curses or pain or death or anything. That’s messed up.

Did you want to see Kamen Joshi’s Tsukino Moa playing the bass?

In post-preparation for something else coming up in a little while, I followed a weird route by which I was looking for LaLa Sugar, found her and her new project, wanted to see if anything had been released yet, followed their record label and from there got to their YouTube channel and:

DEEP GIRL may as well be dead to us at this point, but here’s Riko anyway!

Have a crazy stupid fun weekend, you guys!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #24

  1. THAT’S SO WEIRD! I found that Make Honey song just two days ago by exactly the same route, after idly wondering what Sugar Sugar Lala was up to these days and finding first O’CHAWANZ and then Make Honey which I am utterly, utterly in love with and it won’t leave my head.

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