Your Homicidols Weekender #236

Good morning! My goodness, a ton of things happened this week. And very little of it bad! That’s really the marker, I think. The biggest impact thing here at Maniac Mansion was literal impact — a neighbor’s ginormous tree snapped at the base of the trunk and managed to fall in the only direction it could without really destroying things, but it did manage to crush my fence. I was displeased! And these aren’t the kindly old family next door who bring me mail and chat me up in the yard, they’re the fundagelicals who only recently stopped trying to get me to go to church with them. Am I surprised that they haven’t made a move to get the dang trunk off of my fence so I can call the insurance company? I tell you, friend, I am not.

But other impacts! Like, just so much great music, idol and otherwise. We posted a lot, this is a loaded Weekender, and there’s a whole side list of things that came up in various contexts that I just don’t have a great venue to share with you. And that’s okay! The Thai shoegaze idol group that Cal found, though, that I’m sharing with you here.

Anyway, you all please do have a great weekend. It’s a holiday here in the USA so I’m going to be serious about catching up on some personal projects and otherwise shutting off my very busy brain. We all deserve a break sometimes.

Says the Guy Who Doesn’t Post Enough!

I’m far more excited about the new BiSH album than I probably should be, largely because this is an excellent promo for it:

Okay, so OWARANAIDE, YORU have completely graduated from this website’s coverage (and that’s okay!):

Oh goddamn, did CYNHN, too?

I have no idea why this awesome tweet didn’t contain a link, but if you’re HYPER JAPANing and a 2& stan, you know what to do:

PassCode has been in a weird holding pattern release-wise for a while, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been active, like all of their “Strive” shows and, uh … Yuna doing vocals for a TV commercial!

May you also come to enjoy Finally as I have:

Or QUEENS for that matter:

Or be just as puzzled at this positioning of KAQRIYOTERROR as a fun group that does dance videos, quite the departure from their sex-and-leather days:

New single from LEIWAN:

And I can’t believe that I missed the new single from Sway Emotions Slightly:

Here’s live Satanic Punish so you can see how it’s done:

Earlier in the week, Team had a little chat about concept albums in idol; we kicked around a few possibilities, but one of the few things we could agree really fit the bill is 3776:

It’s been a minute since we last talked about THIS IS NATS:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is AKIARIM, for they were originally just going to get a little reference to this live clip …

… only to rediscover while grabbing it that they’re in the middle of a release-a-month-a-thon, so here’s #2:

Kinda neat!

Another meme tokyo. bites the dust:

Oh heck, former Q’ulle Manako put out a single!

And may all other penguin lovers rejoice to see this new one from the Artist Formerly Known as Co-cubed:

A great moment for all Especia fans still upset about a breakup that’s like four years old at this point:

In fact, it wasn’t until I found Philosophy no Dance that I felt even remotely okay after losing Especia:

We made a little bit of fun at RIPLIE’s expense last week, but this is much better:

I’ll never actually post about this very sweet trad unit from the people who brought us PiGU, but it’s a chance to reference PiGU again and there are a few rock sounds in here, so that’s fine:

Everything by big sisters POPPiNG EMO gets love here, but SHOCKiNG EGO, not so much:

Get to know MAD JAMIE a little more:

Explain to me why I’m supposed to like BLACKNAZARANE:

From the archives: This is about as OG as OG BiS gets (and I thought I’d seen just about everything of theirs that’s online!):

Have a great weekend!

CW: Loooots of blood and nudity

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  1. Another oshi graduating, idol is definetly not a fandom for people who aren’t ready to get their hearts broken over and over again in the span of months. If Koromo resurfaces I’m all in tho

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